Wild and Wandering Thoughts of a frizz-laden loon

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Yes. hehehe.

A surprisingly good day at school today. Had an unhealthy day for the first time in weeks, so have not been exactly nutritious. I will be tomorrow.

Hehehehe was funny in French today. Mrs Bower wrote a word on the board and...

Chris: Is that 'enscribe' or 'enscrire'?

Mrs Bower: Yes.

Teachers are weird. And nobody can read Mrs Bower's writing! grrrr. And today she came out with the infamous quote: (I'll try and describe the dynamics to you here...)

(In a high voice) "9," (In a low voice) "G. I should not" (rising creshendo to high) "have to bell-ow." (Steadily lowering.)

Makes me miss Miss Oulebsir. Better the young, mad, French, energised loon than the old, boring one. Oulebsir visited a few days ago. We all stood outside our classroom and clapped and cheered when she came to see us. She talked to us for a bit, which means that she spent most of the time shrieking, "Oh, look at you! You're all so tallll! You've grown!"

She was very surprised at Dan's voice breaking and height change. And she still can't pronounce my name. She called me Rose again. Double grrr....

Ho hum. Have the house to myself. Mum's playing badminton, Dad's working late and Joe...no idea. From what I gather he's been setting upthe tent in the back garden for training. He's going to Newquay with his mates for a, no boubt, drinking and partaying binge. He's on holiday for ten bloody weeks.


If I could change my middle name, (which I would if I could) these would be my top five choices:

  • Charlotte
  • Sally
  • Peaches (yes, Peaches. I like it.)
  • Lauren
  • Chloe

Ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I don't knoooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.


Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Ho hum

As a result of Amy's nagging, ("you hardly ever post! the last time you posted was on MONDAY!") I'm doing another post.

An extremely uneventful day, really. I have never experienced a more painfully boring Geography lesson in my life. We had to watch a video all lesson about moving land or something. I literally nearly died.

Oh yeah, and:

Miss J: "We need to throw up the facts."


Hmm, have blogger's block. Had a fun art lesson today. In the absence of Mr Ashman, Tash went totally hyper (which is unusual) and proceeded to do very stupid, yet funny things. We were drawing fish from pictures; and everyone laughed at mine cause in the pic the fish looked fierce and in mine he looked really happy, he was smiling.

Hmph. Sorry for trying to make the fish happy! (Although saying that, I don't suppose they feel happy when they're caught and cooked. Mmm...scampi...*slaver*)

Beg pardon to any vegetarians who may read this. Still, the way of nature. Plus delicious...

Gonna go now. I smell chicken.

(I didn't say that just to annoy the veggies.)

Monday, June 27, 2005

Sugar Science

Hmm, obviously the effects from Fruit Shoot and red Fruitina don't occur until they re digested because I was totally hyper on the bus going home from school. Rachel and Tom spent most of the time poking me, and Tom kept on saying in a high voice, "Pokee pokee pokee!" I tried to beat them in response and lunged around the bus saying "Oooo, look at meeeee!"

Then I shook hands with everyone on the bus, and then I said:

"Thank you so much."
"Er...what for?"
"Just...thank you!"

Also had a slagging off match with Adam. I was all slurred. I suppose that's what I'd be like if I was drunk. I called Tom Percy, "an immoral half-wit who cares not for the suffering others but only his sad pathtic self. I hate you."

A bit harsh for just leaving a tango can on the bus. Wha'eva.

Ooo, Amy has just signed in. Hopefully there will be a blog on show soon.

Everyone has their own idea of heaven, don't they? Hannah and Lucy's is being surrounded by Ed/Scarfy/Chad Michael Murray etc. Amy's is........well, I will not reveal. But so far, nothing even comes CLOSE to mine.

Many cups of cuppa soup + many videos of Friends. Simple, but wonderful. Me and Lucy have been toying with the idea of having a Friends-a-thon. It's an idea. We'd need at least a week to do it, though. More than a week, but we still want to. I've seen at least half of them, I think, but there's many more Chandler/Joey/Rachel/Ross/Phoebe/Monica escapades to come.

Potted-flower is a fellow sock-lover. Praise be! She should move to Pate's.

Gonna go now. Richard Whiteley is dead, apparently.


Sunday, June 26, 2005

Conceded defeat

Not such a bad afternoon, admittedly. Decided to give in on the speech-writing front, because I CANNOT DO IT!!!! And Mum took me out and bought me a brilliant pair of sandals that add at least a couple of inches to my height and a very nice pink skirt.


Bit bored. Diana seems to have disappeared off MSN and the Sims 2 is being very slow. Have recieved a mysterious comment from someone I've never heard of. Spooky! And potted-flower too. Hoping Amy will update her blog, but nothing is appearing. Maybe the next one will be a bit more cheerful.


Have had a rubbish weekend so far, so I'm strangely glad it's over. The only decent part of Saturday was when I went to pick strawberries and raspberries from my Dad's allotment. Mmm...talk about excessive nourishment.

Socketty socketty socketty sock.

Spent most of the weekend on my laptop, writing my auditioning piece for House Speaking. Holy Tennant, it's hard! I'm just about ready to give up because EVERYONE is rooting for Chris, and he's already got one ready, and he's better than me. *sob!* So I'm busy making a massive effort and failing and not knowing why I'm making an effort because I won't win anyway.

Nyeah, stuff it.

In the time I haven't been writing the stupid thing, I have been viewing many, many different blogs. There are millions! Half of them I just skipped over, (quite a lot of them were in French or Spanish), but I did come across one which I lingered over for a long time.

It was by someone who calls themselves tsunami_surfer, and it's basically this guy (or girl, I don't know) saying how much he loves the tsunami because it killed loads of Asian sub-humans.

GAAAAGGGHHHHH!!!!! I felt sick reading it. And there were about a hundred comments on each post, most of them extremely disgusting threats and stuff, but a horribly suprising amount of people who think the same way. Racist pigs.

Most of them were anonymous, but there were a few who weren't. I got onto one person's blog and made a comment saying how stupid they were supporting such a horrible thing. They commented back on my blog, saying...well, very rude things. I deleted that comment. Yuck. They're all horrible. I hate them all.

But I have made the accquaintence of potted-flower. She commented on the tsunami blog, and I said, "Good for you!" She has a cute picture of a duck. Hee hee.

Potted-flower, please comment!

But, the rest of the weekend has been dreary and dull. Saturday night was awful, for reasons that you can probably guess. (Clue - I wasn't riveted to the TV at seven o'clock onwards.) Then my Mum casually asked me to record something on a DVD about a minute before it started, my reply being, "WHY CAN'T YOU DO IT?"

Well, why can't she? At least I've made an effort to learn, even if I do forget.

Grr, ranting blog today, just like Amy's. Amy's latest post of de-press-ing! I told her to lighten up, so I hope she does. It's not like Amy to be so morbid.


I really want Casanova on DVD! It's extremely expensive, though.

Ah hell, I'm off. May post later if I can be bothered.

Please comment!

Friday, June 24, 2005

Puddle on the floor

Have just read Amy's blog. Hmph! I do NOT remember being mean to her, but I apologise anyway. Had a very fun, if completely deranged lunchtime with Amy, Max, Cieran, Rosie, Joe and Simon, which involved a lot of fighting, (Max and Amy over the bottles, me and Joe over the fact he called me a midget, and Cieran and Rosie cos they don't like each other).

We basically went mad in the rain and chased each other round the quad fighting over bottles and sponges, and randomly hugging each other. I hugged Joe to provoke him (I was being surprisingly violent) and he pushed me in the bush! I got absolutely soaked!

Anyway, Amy is in a huff with me, so I'll have to try and make amends. Sorry Amy :-( Please Forgive me!

Not a bad day today. Spent most of it in the computer rooms for various subjects. Looked up Casanaova on the net. Am sad because there was a big Radio Times with lots of wonnnnnderful piccys of The Tennant-meister in Casanova and I didn't get a copy (I used to collect radio times).

Hmm, am being superficial. Beg pardon. And Amoeba IS Elizabeth!

Ho-hum socky.

The kitchen is flooding downstairs, so Mum and Dad are naturally going a bit bad-tempered. Our brand new washing machine is leaking in some unknown place and the kitchen floor has become a massive puddle. It's odd; but when I saw it I was automatically reminded of the Sims. They have puddles, too.

I mean, everyone does, but...well, it's an existentialist theory. How do we know that we're not Sims? That we are being controlled by a blonde curly haired teenager on a computer? Is there a green diamond over our heads that we can't see? Think about it. I'll explain more fully later; the Simpsons is on.

Post later, hopefully. Amy, please comment or e-mail or something!

Peace out.


Faced with the prospect of probably not sleeping for several hours, I have decided to post another...post. Hmm.

Watched my quota of Friday night television. Lenny Henry is over. *sniffle*

But aside from all news, there is one so terrible I must break it quickly. BLOODY BIG BROTHER HAS ADDED THREE MORE HOUSEMATES!!!!!!!

I cannot believe this! There was me thinking it'd be over before I knew it, and now we have three extra weeks tagged on to the already long and boring period I have to wait until the Simpsons comes back on. It's not reeeeeeeeeal!

Ah hell, boredy boredy. Will chat to Amy about deep and thought-provoking ideals, such as socks and plastic bottles and sponges and hugging.

We are intellectuals of the highest order.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Huzzah my bloggy friends!

Am not sure what to sock about right now. Hmm. Doctor Who and Lord of the Rings is sort of worn out. Um...

Sock, I don't know! We watched an extract from Schindler's List in History, and as Mrs Ball commented, she's never seen the class so quiet. She showed the bit where the ghetto in Poland is emptied of the Jews. Dear Lord, it was horrible! I was crying by the end of it, and to my surprise I wasn't laughed at. I think the boys were feeling a little fazed by it too.

And in Maths...well, Tash and Katherine went hyper again, (it seems to be a Maths thing lately; it's so boring that we have t liven things up) and their activites included:

  • Trying to highlight my hair in blue felt tip.
  • Flicking my bra when my back was turned. (They weren't being dodgy.)
  • Stealing my stuff.
  • Saying, "Yaaaayyyyysss?" whenever I asked them a question.
  • Making an assortment of farmyard noises.
  • Calling me a fugly slut.

Nice friends(!) I got really annoyed with them a few days ago, because I'd already been snapped at by Mrs Dyas for not cncentrating, so I was buried in my work when the hyper twins started giggling extremely loudly behind me, and Dyas, without turning from the board says, "Ros! What are you doing now?"


Ros: Tash, can I borrow your calculator?

Tash: No! Use your own!

Ros: I can't, so can I borrow yours?

Tash: I'm using it! Work out the answers in your book!

Ros: I can't, OK? I am totally crap at Maths! You know that! I know that! And since we have to do a GSCE in it, that's not good news! And everyone knows you and Katherine and Di and everyone else in this class is good at Maths, so you'd be a lot easier at working out the answers than me, and you lot are more likely to get an A+ than me! Without working I could get a G or something, but if I work hard I could get an A+ too! So could I please borrow it?

Tash: OK, OK! But be quick!

Ros: Thank you!

*Long pause*

Ros: I think I did bring my claculator with me today after all.

I am plagued with a blog-related mystery. Who is mouslet? They commented a few posts back and I'd like to know who they are. They have no blog or email address, so if you know, or if you are mouslet, please get in touch!

I think it's a Doctor Who fan. (Oh praise the heavenly Tennant!) (And, I suppose, Eccleston.)

Anywaaaay, gonna go and check out Amy's blog. Will catch up soon. Please comment Mouslet, and anyone else!


Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Oooh...David Wenham...

After several days of thinking and comtemplating and indeed watching, the smarting Doctor Who wound is beginning to heal. I have to wait six more months, and then another three after that. Hmm. Will be difficult. But I'm weining myself off it, slowly. David Tennant!

Rose, you were fantastic. Aboslutely fantastic! And y'know what? So was I! *Transform!*

I have now moved on to Lord of the Rings. Finished the Return of the King earlier. I have lost count of the amount of battles in it! Rohan, Gondor, Mordor, etc. Also have been viewing Lynn's rather excellent website, Corner of [Sean] Bean. And she has been showing me her cartoons of the characters. They're brilliant! One of them is with Arwen and Aragorn, and it goes along the lines of:

Arwen: That's not my bra.
Aragorn: *nervous twitch* I'm sorry?
Arwen: I said, THAT'S NOT MY BRA!!!!
Aragorn: Um...er...Tea?!? Coffee!?! Biscuits?!?

The best site is jerry the frog productions. It has puppet shows of the films. In the fellowship:

Elrond: OK, there's nine of you. Why don't we each say something about ourselves?

Frodo: I'm an angst incarnate.
Aragon: I'm a bad-ass incarnate!
Sam: No one can figure out my sexual orientation.
Merry: My life revolves around food and beer.
Pippin: I'm one of the comic-relief duo.
Boromir: I'm an ego-tripping pain in the butt.
Legolas: I'm so pretty it's not even funny.
Gimli: I really need a woman, a prozac, and a haircut.
Gandalf: I should have really won Best Supporting Actor.

And the films are goooood! By watching the first two again after two years, and then the third one for the first time, these have been achieved:

  • Viggo Mortensen has become another object of my affection.
  • I finally understand the whole story (ish).
  • I finally know that Elijah Wood isn't actually English.
  • Sauron was the real enemy, not Saruman.
  • Boromir really IS an ego-tripping pain in the butt.
  • David Wenham is worming his way onto the attraction list. (But since he's really only looks, he's at the bottom).

Ooh, Mum's home. Gotta dash! Please comment!

Sunday, June 19, 2005


What a brilliant, mesmerising, terrifying, and, in The Doctor's own words, "fantastic" episode! It was truly brilliant! The daleks were so scary! The Doctor and Rose KISSED!!!!!

(Although it's quite obvious that everyone expected it.) Still very romantic though.

And the best, most fab-diddly do part of the whole rigmorale?


I was completely wrong! Eccleston turned into him right at the very end! YYYEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!! You should have seen me! I was bouncing up and down on the sofa it was so fantastic.

And now it's over. This is where a tissue (and the frozen kipper) come in handy. I'm having severe withdrawal symptoms already. How will I survive every weekend without Doctor Who and Rose to keep me going. 2006! 2006! It's a terrifying thought. All I've got to look forward to in that area is that there will be two Christmas specials. God knows how long I'll have to wait after that!

I'm on a Doctor Who high!

But despite David Tennant being truly wonderfully fantastic, there is Christopher Eccleston to remember. He was brilliant; it's such a pity he's not staying longer. All planets have a north!

R.I.P Doctor Who, for n0w. When you are resssurected, I am positive you will be equally as brilliant.

Friday, June 17, 2005

We'll meet again again

Late blog tonight, but no matter. Just spent half an hour watching Will and Grace. Hmmm....not quite as funny as it used to be. Still, agood laugh. It's BOILING in this bedroom, even with the window open. If it doesn't cool down soon I will frizzle and become a giant sausage. Still, it'll be comforting to know that God made my death according to my love. of the fried morsel...

Spent a little while tonight watering Joyce's plants next door because she is on holiday. I like doing it because her garden smells nice and she usually gives me some money for it. I mistakenly thought that watering the plants would be accident free, but nooooooo! I was pulling the hose pipe from its circular thingy, and a pole was hanging from it and as it turned right over it whacked me in the face.

Perfect. I volunteer to do some work for a friendly neighbour and I get whacked in the face. IS THERE NO JUSTICE ON THIS PLANET?

Am getting depressed because tomorrow is the day. The day when Saturday joy will cease. Where I will sit in silent pensievness until the tune finishes, then will flood the red-carpeted floor with my tears.

Doctor Who is finishing.

There is nothing more to say. I cannot describe the feeling. *sob*

Farewell my dear big-eared two-hearted friend. Byebye Tardis. Adios Rose (who I've never really liked that much). Auf Weidersehen, my dear Captain Jack. If you have the time, please woo Sophie (aka Skittles) before you go.

I'll have to survive on the sountrack, sounds and piccys on Sophie's phone. And next year...David Tennant!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

One that once was is lost...

One ring to rule them all,
One ring to find them.
One ring to bring them all
And in the darkness...bind them.

Woo-hoo! Love Lord of the Rings, but the fellowship has to be my favourite. I love the dramtic beginning, Galadriel etc. I can't remember exactly what she says, I'll have to look it up. anyway, I'm halfway through another rerun of the first film but I chose the internet. So you'd better comment on this; I chose you weird, hug-avoiding bloggers over gorgeous Viggo Mortensen swordfighting at every opportunity with a dramitic operatic score!

It is a strange fate that we should suffer so much fear and doubt over so small a thing...

It's weird; when I first saw the fellowship and towers I didn't think much of them, but now I've seen them again (and the return) I LOVE THEM! Viggo Mortensen, Sean Bean, Ian McKellen, Billy Boyd, Dominic Monaghan, Orlando Bloom, John Rys-Davies, Sean Astin, Elijah Wood, YOU ARE THE COOLEST! Phew.

I choose a mortal life...

Also had another urge to watch Vanilla Sky again, straight after I lent it to someone. Practically everyone is deprived of the weird and powerful subconsious of David, the strange allure of Sofia, the hardened, jealous madness of the late Julie. And it always reduces me to tears whenever I watch it. I don't know why! It's not a particularly sad film. *look away if you don't want spoilers* Maybe it's because David realises that his whole relationship was Sofia was never real, that it never happened.

This is a revolution of the mind...

And the music...so brilliant! I'm saving up for the soundtrack on CD. Soul-lifting, dramatic, sometimes a little confusing. Classic.

Do you love me? I mean really love me? Because if you don't...I'll just have to kill you.

Mum having a book club downstairs so it is hard to concentrate. I know for a fact the book has barely been mentioned; gossip before literature. I mean, if Jane Austen had stopped to gossip instead of writing Pride and Predjudice, where would we be now? (Well, spared the dire ugly-Colin-Firth-lake moment) I tried reading it and did not get very far! Did people really used to talk like that? I read very slowly up to the ball, then gave up because my head got swamped.

It is a truth universally acknowled that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.

Hmph. Glad I'm not Victorian.

Boring blog this evening. But I have to discuss my fave films with someone who hasn't seen it or thinks it's boring. (How fight-filled quests and mystery and gorgeous fellowshippers is boring I've no idea.) And Vanilla Sly isn't boring. Maybe not explosively exciting, but mysterious, beautiful, strange.

Abre los ojos...

I started this ages ago and keep on being put off, so I'll finish. Please comment if you like the films or the quotes!

R.I.P. Julie Gianni.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

The amazing and blogtastic adventures of the frozen kipper

Huzzah, my wonderful readers! Ros is back!

Since I have a stupid, useless Geography exam tomorrow, I have been revising most of the day. Surprisingly, I have found a way to do it without wanting to beat myself and Miss Jenkinson over the head with a frozen kipper. I took my book (and about sixty tonnes of sweets) down to Burrow's field and revised in this BIG tree split in half by lightning.

And it was nice and relaxing and afterwards I climbed the length of the massive tree (which has lots of branches that go in all directions) and pretended to be running away from a mad axe-man. Which was fun, in a Ros-retarded way (yay for The Retarded Ones!), and was good exercise except I slipped on a tree root (just like Ron!) and fell into the stream.

Darn it, I'm so accident prone! I am always banging my head and stubbing my toe and tripping on the stairs. Recently I climbed onto my brother's bed to put a video back on his shelf and I tripped and fell off the bed!

The Ballinger house is a death trap.

V. intriged by conversation over the poulet, legumes et gravy (what is French for gravy? SOMEONE POST ANSWER!) Mum and Dad want to go skiing again, which I don't mind doing, really. Ish. Sock. But they ALSO said that there was a chance that we COULD (only could, certainly not certain or anything yet, just an idea) go to CUBA with a couple of Mum and Dad's friends.

Just an opportunity we have.

Me and Joe BOTH want to go there, because it is very far away (South America, my Dad informed me; I thought it was in Spain. Thank the holy Viggo Mortensen I'm not doing Gepgraphy next year) and hot and sunny and there are nice beaches with warm sea. Luvvly Jubbly!

The problem is, big ideas like this come up in my family, and they are big for a while, then they're forgotten. But hopefully this idea will not be forgotten because it sounds good to me and to my grumpy brother.

Hmm. Things to talk about....

Doctor Who was ACE last night! My Dad, sadly does NOT agree. The only bit he liked was the very ending, when two million daleks were yelling "EX-TER-MIN-ATE!!!" at the same time. I have to admit, that bit was rather impressive. But the rest of it was brilliant! I loved Davina Droid, and Zu-zana, and Trin-ee, and the Anne droid! Class, total class.

I can't help but wonder, though. Next week, since it is the last episode (*bursts into hysterical, manically depressive tears and reaches for the frozen kipper*) will he transform into the next Doctor, i.e. David Tennant? (*tears instantly turn to drool and the frozen kipper is flung aside*) He can't be, thinking about it, cos they only picked David Tennant a few weeks ago, and the series was filmed ages aho. The next series isn't until 2006.

2006!!!!!!!! I will DIE before I have to wait that long! A year without Doctor Who! (*grabs the kipper again.*)

Although, the telly at the weekend is still brill. Apart from head-crashingly, fist-beatingly stupid Big Brother (*beats imaginary Davina McCall around the head with kipper*). Lenny Henry, Scrubs, Will and Grace, (which should be re-named Jack and Karen) the Kumars, and eventually, the Simpsons again.

Just when we true yellow fans thought we'd escaped Wimbledon (*kipper gives a spasm of hatred*) taking over it on BBC2, lamety lame Big Brother has to come along and hog the limelight! DAMN RAVE RAGE RANT ANGER!!!!


I'm sorry this blog sounds relatively sane, hence extrememly unamusing, but I'm not in a wildly sadistically mad mood at the moment. Still, I like writing blogs, and I like people replying to them! Hint hint. Interested to hear that the great world-taking-over-hair-like-a-hedgehog-fists-like-concrete individual that has a blog (you know who you are) likes watching scrubs. I thought that a slapstick, weird, truly brilliant comedy like that was too...too...undeep for him.

Shallow. That's the word. Sock.

I have written a lot! Mainly because I have mostly nothing to do. I've been on the Sims 2 most of the evening, and created my own city and put two people in it and now they are dating. It's weird; all these random people keep walking past the house. I didn't even move them into Ros City! Creepy. Maybe they're stalking Enya and...um...what's her name? (*kipper sighs with annoyance at lack of violence as Ros thinks*) Someone.

Can you get stalked by a computer-person thingy? Can you be addicted to calpol? (Consult Emily Chittock to find out what I'm gibbering about.) Does life REALLY have a meaning? Is Hitler actually alive? Did Humpty Dumpty fall off the wall...or was he pushed?

Legolas walks on the snow! Hmph. Typical. The wonderful little bimbo pretty boy everyone loves gets to walk on the snow, while wonderful, fantastically gorgeous heirs to the throne of Gondor have to struggle though thick, freezing snowdrifts with a Hobbit on each arm. There is no justice!

And plus, none of the fellowship are women. In fact, there are only two principal females in the whole trilogy. TWO! Sexist Tolkein. Arwen and...oh God...Eowyn? Is that her name? Anyway, they'd be good in the fellowship; they can both fight and stuff.

Oh hell I'm bored now. Farewell! Please comment!

Saturday, June 11, 2005

I would make you swear on the bible, but I know holy things sizzle your skin.

Bonsoir chums et chumettes, today is Saturday which means I am r-el-a-x-i-n-g! Well, I have done Geography revision but it's so complicated my brain melted.

Doo bee doo la la goooooldfish!

I'm staying in today cos I'm feeling ill for reasons I will not divulge. Give the perfect chance to crank up the Sims 2 and make a new family. I made a strange discovery a couple of weeks ago. You can get gay sims! I never knew that until then! They can get engaged too, but I haven't tried marrying them yet.

Is it normal to feel guilty when you build a wall around someone to kill them and thus complete a fear? Because I felt it today and took the wall down. It is not normal to feel sorry for a computer image!

(Although saying that, maybe I should cease the "I hate Gollum" campaigne. That's not how you spell it, I know.)

Scrubs was ace last night! See quote in title.

Well, must depart. May post later. Keep those comments coming!

And Amy, just for the record, there is no need to *raise eyebrows* when Viggo Mortensen in one of my objects of affection, as well as David Tennant and someone else!

Mmm...Viggo Mortensen. Mmm...David Tennant. Mmm......unknown to all except me.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

We meet again...don't know wheeerre...don't know whe...hang on, yes I do!

On inspiration from our curly-haired matey Amy, I have decided to tell you (whoever you are, future husband or mass-murderer or soap star or postman) about our Anti-popular brigade.

It's basically following on from Mean Girls, the movie. Seen it? Probably not. Weeeell, it's about a girl who moves to a new high school from Africa and discovers the plastics, the horrible, bitchy, extremely popular and beautiful Gretchen, Karen and...oh hell, what's the other one's name? We'll call her Ted.

Anywaaaay, this new girl trys to overthrow them. I can't remember what happens at the end either...I was too busy throwing popcorn at Chloe.

And there are plastics at Pate's. ooooo, Psych!

They're not as bad as the movie plastics, but they're similar. Most of them in year eight and nine, hanging around 9G's form room (and blocking the door; grr), shirt skirts and trendy uniform adjustments and nearly always equipped with a boyfriend of girlfriend fastened around their neck, or waist. And they are not always nice. Sometimes they are, but many times they are not, and ask you stupuid questions and laugh when Dan lies in front of the doorway and you can't get in.


Well anyway, Amy and I have come up with a notion. The anti-popular Brigade! We thought that jack and elizabeth and people could join, and mad anna, hattie, megan, verity and beth from 8G could come along, and cieran and max perhaps.

Just an idea.


Comments, my little pirahna fish out there, comments!

I shall return...

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The First, and hopefully not the last...

Yay! My first official bloggy thingy! Huzzah! I am happy!

Exceedingly large thanks to Elizabeth, Jack, Sally, and, most importantly, Amy.


I cannot write about the fiendishness of GCSE's because I am yet to experience the cursed things, (and yet to understand the dodginess of the English stuff re: Elizabeth). But I'm revising too! Hitler was even more of a meanie than I thought.

Nasty man.

Maybe if he'd had a sock he would've been nicer. Or if Bobo had done the job properly instead of getting lost AGAIN. Monty Burns does NOT deserve a cute little teddy bear like that, no he does not.

I have lots of cuddly toys. There is a duck called Melvin, Clanger (who is a clanger), my blue rabbit Charlie, my lamb Elvis, my christmas bear Charmin' and my other bear, Bob. They all say hi!

Well, I shall depart now and view what I have scrawled.

Do not underestimate the gorgeousness of David Tennant and Viggo Mortensen!

Peace out!