Wild and Wandering Thoughts of a frizz-laden loon

Monday, November 28, 2005

EXCELLENT day. Excellent. Woo hoo!

Started off with history, next to Katherine singing songs based on a speech made by a guy in a history video:

"This is a potato. If I work hard enough, and make enough money and metal, I will buy two potatoes, and a motor car to eat my potatoes in."

So Katherine made up potato songs, and we watched another video narrated by the guy "who makes me fall asleep" Katherine says, about the Purges, the time in the '30s when Stalin went insane and killed millions of people for no reason. Scary. Very scary.

Also Katherine has thought up a novel way of remembering the whole term's work for a test we have soon: "The Tsar was an idiot, Lenin was weird, and Stalin was evil!" Hmm, might look a bit short on the page, but there you go.

PE next - badminton. Very fun, whacking the shuttlecock towards people. Although I often miss and end up doing a sort of dance of failure punctuated by muffled swearwords. And plus Katherine kept on distracting me by yelling "Sverdlorsk!" and "Magnitogorsk!" at random intervals. These were the places in Russia built for industry.

Maths = fist-eatlingly boring.

In Drama not one word of the play was spoken and me, Jess, Chloe, Imogen, Hannah and Theo talked out random people, such as my brother, Adam Mitchell, Mr Blobby etc. Then it started to snow and we all ran outside hoping to see some settling but unfortunately none did. Well, it did, on my hair! Everyone who saw me kept on laughing because I looked like I was wearing a snow hat.

Bill and Butch on the bus: Not ony do we have a "BONNIE!" and a "BINNIE!" but now we have a "BANNIE!" Hurrah! Also Sophie uttered some very rude jokes about Bill and Butch which I cannot relay here because you would think we were sickos.

Then home again to a blissfully warm house, a sneezing brother and father, toast with butter on it, and YOU, my lovely ones. Well, not literally. (It would be quite remarkable to go upstairs and find Kat, Tash, Amy, Elizabeth, Monty, and possibly Binnie and Jack in my bedroom). I mean back to write a post for you lovely ones.

Also: badabadabadaboom...David Tennant is gonna be in an ITV drama! YEEEESSSSSS!!! Something to lessen the hours until the Christmas Invasion!

So, highlights of this week? On Wednesday (worst day of the fortnight: Physics, Biology, Maths and History) I am off to see Monty, Diana et al get dressed in their colourful costumes and massive wigs and have affairs all over the place. Should be fun. And on Friday I'm going to see the panto! Mum is reviewing it, so we get free tickets.

Apart from that...zilch. Although on Thursday it'll be December and I can open my advent calender.

Well, I keep on making mistakes because my fingers are so stiff, so must go now. Toodles!

P.S. New good quote from Zoolander: "Don't you think there's more to life than being really, really, really, ridiculously good-looking?"

Saturday, November 26, 2005


.....I have no other words! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! and once more eeeeeeeee and eeeeeeee and EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

He is a genius! A pure genius! Why didn't they give him more screen time? Why, WHY??? EEeeeeeeeeeEEEEEeeeEeeeEE!!!!!

As you can tell David Tennant has made me go extremely hyper. You should have seen me outside the cinema earlier; I was bouncing up and down and eeeeeeeing like crazy! eeeeee!!!

It is quite something to see an entire massive cinema screen filled with David Tennant's face. QUITE somethinlg? VERY something!!! I was going quietly insane, it was brilliant, fantastico and wonderfuuullllll!!! ESpecially at the beginning. There was Voldemort, Wormtail and someone else in a leather jacket who I didn't recognise to satrt off with then I looked closer and it was THE ENIGMA!!!

God, and later, when he did the Dar Mark thingy and grinned that huge grin, I nearly fell off the seat. Yes, I am THAT BAD. And at the end, wowzies! Admittedly he did loo a bit worse for wear but no matter, eeeeeee fuls of eeeeeeees.

"Hello FATHER!!!"

Wooooooooooo! So yes, a good film, even disregarding (although God knows how you could) David Tennant; it was much truer to the book and didn't get things in the wrong order. Shame there was no Quidditch match though. Still, there was less time to wait for the better things to come along......eeee.

I'm TWITCHING!!! I really am obsessed! Come Christmas Day and I'll be taken over. The Christmas Invasion! I cannot WAIT, I am SO excited. EEEEEEEEEE!!!

Well, must go now and contemplate my SUPERB day. Me and Kimmy also discussed the gorgeousness of Viggo Mortensen too.

But he doesn't even come close...

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and once more I trot off.

By Monday I'll be a basket-case. So be warned: expect heavy duty squealing. Just be glad you are nowhere near me now. Seriously.

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2005


Come on, help a friend here! I haven't had any comments from Kat or Tash or ANYONE else for days now. IT'S A GOOD-ISH BLOG. COMMENT ON IT YOU TOE-RAGS.


Must, must find out when Harry Potter is on. Mustmustmust. Otherwise all the eeeeeeing will be for nothing.

Still feeling all confused and eeky from yesterday, and the day before, and the day before. Binnie witnessed it a few days ago, but thought it was due to acute music depression. Which it isn't. In fact, I managed to bag to good piano at school and play my pieces SUPERBLY, although I say it myself. Anyway, I will shut up about that for it is depressing.

As a result of a grup discussion in Drama, we have discovered:

  • Teddy will be a dark political comedian.
  • Theo and his brothers will form the equivalent of the Osmonds, except they will be The Beals.
  • Imogen will be an abertoire. (Sort of like a pet autopsy person)
  • Tim will work in Halifax and will have a leggy, blonde, young, big boobed wife.
  • Binnie will be a forensic autopsy person.
  • And, I will be "the weird woman who presents Songs of Praise"

Jess then proceeded to do an impression of me presenting the show, which caused the whole group to break out into spontaneous hysterics, even me. Chloe really annoyed me after that happened. "You do realise they're making fun of you, don't you?" she said. Well, I didn't really mind, because I thought it was funny. But Chloe seems determined for me to get annoyed.

I mean, she spends half the time telling me to "quit getting so pissed off with people", and then when I don't, basically tells me that I should do. Grrrr.

Such a LONG boring day. Glad it's over. Spent the the journey home in laughter paralysis again. Bill and Butch. Mrs Mackenzie now has a baby called...*drum roll, and cue Tom's hoarse yell* BINNIE! The other one was called Bonnie so it makes sense.

Sophie: (Narrating) So Mrs Mackenzie went to rescue the little baby girl Binnie...
Ros: (Interrupting) No, Binnie's a boy.
Sophie: What?
Ros: Binnie's a boy, in my year.
Sophie: But...Binnie's a girl's name...isn't it?
Ros: Well, Binnie's his surname. And he's a boy.
Sophie: (yellings) WellthisBinnie'sagirl!!!

...and an hour and a half after I wrote that, I am back. Tea, ice cream, discussion about why Dad should apply for headmaster of Pate's.

I'm bored. I'm going. No point in writing on. No one will comment anyway. Come oooooonnnn.

I leave you with The Enigma:

P.S. For all you non David Tennant recognising folks (and there can't be many of you) he is the one on the left. Hmm...strangely erotic...eeee.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

She was a daytripper! One-way ticket, yeah. It took me soooooo long to find out...and I found out!

Some rather amusing quotes:

Ros: Come on Sophie, do it do it do it!
Jenny: Ah, she wants Sophie to do it.
Anna: (in disdain) That's the sort of thing a twelve year old would say. How old ARE you?
Jenny: I'm twelve.

Which had us in fits of laughter.

Jenny: Hey Murray, what did you get in the RE test?
Murray: 13.
Jenny: Ooh, that's not so good. Did you revise?
Murray: Well...yeah, I did, but I sort of fell asleep while I was.

They don't sound funny, but they were. Went paralytic with laughter twice today, which is quite unusal really. During drama, when Teddy and Theo were being funnee (the effect being slightly marred by Teddy hitting me for no reason - for which he never apologised - bastard) and on the bus, which was doubly paralytically laughable.

Sophie was carrying on with Bill and Butch, which was a cause for merriment already, but when Tom started his "Bonnie" I just lost it, I could not stop laughing. I got that sort of silent one-breath laugh that goes on forever that a massive gasp then the hysterics when I got my breath back. I swear, without Sophie our bus would be devoid of laughter.

Highlights? Zilch once more. History? Uneventful. Maths? I UNDERSTOOD IT!!! Major achievement. Hmph. Bet all the clever people in Set 1 could do it easy. Got some rather cheeky comments about my standing/teaching in Maths today, from Binnie and Phil. (I know it makes no sense - my brain is slowly dissolving.)

Then Drama, where I was whacked VERY hard around the knuckles by a sharp stick. Teddy's doing. Hurt a LOT. Then...um...PSE, the whole class squished into the Career's Library and read books on...careers. And Katherine went a bit hyper afterwards as she and Tash thought about what I would be like as a midwife. Umbilical cords, adverts and blueness came into the tales at some point.

Home again...boringboring. Chemistry homework, starting on my English, Sims 2, which I have reinstalled. Now Joe is pounding his music and his girlfriend is over again. At least he's stopped playing that bloody out of tune guitar.

So today went in a mixture of happiness and confused-oh-low-self-esteem-eekness. Made me feel very miserable, the latter. I won't explain now. I can't explain now; dear Lord, I'd get lynched. Not a bad day really. French tomorrow. Eurgh. Another lesson of enduring Adam and Jim being distracting idiots. Still, perks; listening to Diana's bibbling (always very funny to listen to) and Luke being quite funny. That's it though.

Chemistry...good, actually. Apparently Mr Butcher told Mrs Furze I was working very hard, hurrah! First success in Sciences for ages. I understand it! Yayyyyy!

Games = dance. Please please PLEASE not with Mrs Mackenzie. Please, oh Lord, oh Brahman, Buddha, Vishnu, whoever else may be up there, oh David Tennant, oh Viggo Mortensen, oh Matthew Fox, oh...OK, that's private, oh Satan, oh little wizards, ANYONE, please let Mrs Mackenzie stay clear. Otherwise I will be forced to kill myself.

Drama again...oh joy. I HATE TEDDY!!!!!! bastardbastardBASTARD. Still, everyone else stood up for me, which was very nice of them. Bloody Teddy. Thinks he's it. Well, he isn't. Bloody git.

Well, must depart. Farewell!

P.S. And by the way, if you read this, comment! I've changed the commenting system so if you clcik other and just put a name in (forget the e-mail address) you don't have to have a blogger account. So Binnie, Diana, Kat, whoever, COMMENT!!!

*hums Daytripper*

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Just call on me and I'll send it along; with love from me to you...

As I write I am (once again) listening to The Beatles, tip-top band. I told Hannah and Tash today that I want "Daytripper" played at my funeral. The converstion went (very) vaguely like this:

Hannah: You have to pick something that reflects you best, don't you?
Ros: I can have Daytripper if I want!
Tash: Well if we don't pick it, it won't matter because you'll be dead! Hehe.
Ros: Ah, but maybe...maybe I'll go missing and you will abandon all hope of me turning up alive and hold a memorial service for me and suddenly I will turn up in the church!

Then me and Hannah impersonated people trying to break out of coffins. Tash gave us that incredulous look I am very used to by now. French was OK; we were in the Computer room, but then me and Diana had to go upstairs and do orals, and I felt like a complete dumm schnitzel because Diana was much better than me. Me being crap.

I don't get it. Grammatically, and other stuff-ally (sorry for the crap wording by the way - listening to The Beatles and typing at the same type is harder than it would first appear) French is by far the easier language, yet I find German really easy. More or less. I like German better, muchly.

*puts hands underneath laptop for warmth*

German? Uneventful. English? Dullll. Physics? Complicated, but Mr Cooper is good at explaining stuff, so I got it, sort of. Eventually. Guaranteed I will forget soon though.

Bus journey? We all yelled at Adam because he pushed (with considerable force) a Year 7 girl onto the floor of the bus. Admittedly she was hitting him a bit first, but that was because he nicked a seat that Sam and Claire were saving for Munchkin. After pushing and pulling the resisting Adam, he sort of rolled and ended up in Claire's seat. That's when the hitting and pushing occured.

So we basically spent the bus journey (me, Sam, Diana, Claire, Emily, Tom and Munchkin) telling Adam what a horrible little boy he was. Which he is. He is annoying to the extreme; he trips me and Kat up for no reason and basically does anything to get attention. And I'm not pre judging him or anything; he's been like it for years. I was pointing out to him that when we were in Year 7 he pushed me around the hall and finally over (with even more considerable force) for no reason, and he flatly denied it.

And I remember vividly.

So, highlights of the day? Um...Spurling threated to do something savage to my arm unless I paid him back, the effect of the threat being slightly marred when another Year 11 came along and picked him up into a firelift and carried him away, as he said "This is not funny. This is not funny!"

I was in one of those moods when you just LOVE school and everyone in it, with a few obvious exceptions. (Chris springs to mind as a classic example.)

*thinks of a certain thing*

*blows on hands*

My Mum seems to want me to freeze to death; when I got home from school this afternoon my window was open...again. My room (and my hands) are now perishing.

I can tell, whoever you are, (Binnie, Tash, Kat, Elizabeth, Amy or other) you are probably bored stiff by now, so I will sign off.


Funny quote from yesterday:

(After Katherine has been explaining a theory to something or other:)
Diana: Katherine, I think you're talking through your glasses.

Martin on tip-top obeying orders form today. Came out with his first new insult in months: "Ros is a pendulum."

I was mystified too, until he said what he meant. I replied with a very filthy look because the meaning was something very nasty which I will not repeat here. Bloody lapdog.

Anyway, if I don't warm up my hands soon they will freeze over. Am now on track 10, "Help!" Roll on Daytripper! (Number 12)

Binnie.........farewell. Comment!

David Tennant: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Hello, I...hmm, new teeth. That's weird. So where was I? Oh, that's rigth! Barcelona! *grin*

Completely boring day today. Crap Maths, boring History...actually, PE was quite fun. We did badminton, and Tash was in her very amusing mode and made me laugh a lot.

Lunchtime, felt crap, remedied in the music block by that oh so cheery group; Binnie, Kat, Tash and Diana. It was...interesting...? I dunno.

Went home, caught Joe smoking in the garden (freezing cold and in the dense fog - he really is an idiot). He was in his occasional "cheerful-talking to-Ros" mode, so we played darts and I helped him tune his (or rather Mum's) guitar. Well, helped as in he played a note, asked "Is that E?" I said "No" and he replied either "Yes it is! It sounds the same!" "That is E, shut up!" et cetera.

Did my German homework, read Where were you, Robert? for a bit, had sausages, beans and baked potato for dinner, talked about smoking with Mum and Dad, and then I sauntered upstairs, switched on my laptop, and then guess what I did? I wrote a post for all you lovely people. An interesting, informative, fascinating post.


Saw From Hell yesterday. Weird film, really really weird. It had Johnny Depp and Heather Graham sporting very unconvincing cockney accents, and was basically Depp's character trying to catch Jack the Ripper. Some very disgusting bits in it, muchly. Plus Depp died at the end, which I didn't get, because the Ripper was caught and he could go to his woman any time, but for some reason he didn't...I can't remember why. Anyway, he "chased the dragon" one too many times and died. Boo hoo. I kept thinking, If Hannah was watching now she'd either be upset or drooling a lot.

"Chasing the dragon" means smoking opium. Yuck.

Rest-of-the-week plan? Keep going to school and try not to die of boredom. On Saturday, I am determined to rally a gang together (Anna, Beth etc possibly) and go to the Odeon and see the Goblet of Fire, and SEE THE TENNANT-MEISTER IN ACTION!!!

Hahaha. Had a funny conversation on msn with Anna (whose msn name was: Hey Ros, seen Goblet of Fire? There's something in it you'll LOVE) that went roughly like this:

Ros: Yay, you mentioned me!
Anna: *gasp* ROS ROS ROS
Ros: What?
Anna: You know the Goblet of Fire film?
Ros: Yes, what about it?
Anna: You know Professor Moody?
Ros: Yes...
Anna: And how he turns into Barty Crouch?
Ros: Yes, I know...
Anna: And how he goes crazy?
Ros: Yes I know, what are you getting at?
Ros: Anna, I know it's David Tennant. Give me some credit.
Anna: Oh...bollocks.

I kind of wished I hadn't known so that she could've told me and I would've gone "EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" like I have been doing over the luvvly ol' Casanova recently. Anyway, hopefully I will see it at the weekend. Also want to go ice skating at the new outdoor place in Gloucester. I ADORE ice skating. In March, when the Germans come, me and Katherine are planning a trip to Swindon for us and our partners (and Tash too - it'd be mean to leave her behind) so we can go swimming and ice skating and eat chips. Yahoooo!

Yet again I am randomly bibbling. Ah well, more for you luvvlies to read.


I got a bit freaked out by grapes today because in From Hell Jack the Ripper tempted the prostitutes with some grapes to trust him then...eurgh. Would rather not describe what happened next. Still, I ate Tash's without a quibble.

(And before you ask, I didn't steal them, I just asked for one and Tash gave me the whole bunch. Yummynums.)

Half seven. Hmm, what to do, what to do? Done homework...Sims 2 being SHITTY as usual. A film, perhaps? I love watching films on the ol' laptop. Warms up my bed considerably.

Well, must be off. Enjoy reading, you little scamps.


Sunday, November 20, 2005

Dammit, it was only about five or ten minutes long! Still, it made me go "eeeeeeee!" a lot anyway.

Total Christmas fever has hit Cheltenham and it has been taken over by buskers. In one trip into the town centre I saw:

  • A guy playing his guitar
  • A magician
  • Another magician
  • A guy dressed in silver with a silver face being a statue
  • Two women dressed as snowflakes doing gymnastics
  • A cooly dooly band in the Beechwood.

And whoever said Cheltenham was insane???

Also, Regent Arcade lights are now up, and Christmas markets and stalls set up and et cetera. IT'S NOVEMBER!!!! *fume* If it all happens now the buildup is prolonged and subsequently ruined! *more fuming*

Anyway, I saw NO ONE I knew throughout the whole day and ended up tramping home and getting lost because everything looked different in the mist. I only realised where I was when I saw the sign "Mead Road" which is where Nana and Grampy live.

In fact, most of this morning was taken up by me and Dad trying to teach them how to work their new DVD Player. No doubt Nana will ring us up asking questions about it when she gets stuck. Also went swimming with Mum, hurrah hurrah I did 20 lengths!

Mum is now making Christmas cake (triple fume - although she does have an excuse because apparently it needs to mature). Dad is at his allotment (again), I haven't seen Joe since Friday and I am sitting on my uber-cosy pink bed writing this for you, my friends. For Amy, for Kat, for Tash and...well, that's about it. Oh, and Hannah, and possibly Jack. Hmph. Idiot.

Very nippy noodles outside.

Well, must skadoodle, I think that I'm gonna be making a lattice pie. Yummers.

Oh yeah, and ANOTHER fume, HMV sells millions of box sets of practically everything going; Scrubs, the L Word, the West Wing, I could go on, every single thing but NO box set of Doctor Who! Grrr...

  • Doctor Who boxset
  • Casanova on DVD
  • Vanilla Sky soundtrack

These are what I want for Christmas. See? I'm infected by the Christmas fever too! HELP ME, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!! *hysterical*


Thursday, November 17, 2005

Ho Ho Ho it's magic you knowwwww...

I will never look at Mr May in the same way again. *snort*


Had German, Biology, ICT and Games today. German = pretty boring. Biology = learnt some disgusting stuff about cigarettes. Did you know that an average cigarette contains 4000 dangerous chemicals??? Bloody hell.

ICT - made funny by Katherine collapsing over her computer in hysterical laughter. Games - crap because I humiliated myself in basketball, again, and Miss Mortimer wasn't really helping my self-esteem very much.


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

*eats raisins*

*chomp chomp chomp*

*considers meaning of life*

*chomp chomp chomp and the raisins are gone*

*holds out hand hopefully, in case any other magically appear*

*none do*

*considers possibility Joe not noticing his stereo has disappeared*

*assures her blog-readers that she HASN'T stolen it, she is just sick to death of the pounding music at one in the morning*

*so therefore, she is planning*

*sighs and thinks of finer things, finer things that I (or you) will never know*

*like rivers made of chocolate, for example*

*unless you count Johnny Depp and co.*

*gives a little shudder*

*reconsiders, and thinks that choc rivers may be possible, but the Cadbury factory would have to explode*

*imagines it*

*wipes away the drool*

*checks clock*

*bounces experimentally on bed*

*bed springs sqeak in a forlorn way*

*closes Day of the Triffids with a snap*

*publishes Blog post*

*switches off light*

*shuts door*


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Well, bonsoir Binnie, congratulations. You have found this blog, you will read it and hopefully comment. But tell anyone else the address and I will do something fairly unpleasant to you that you may not survive from.

Tum te tum. Am in the library right now. The day has been brillig so far. English was hysterical. We were writing an interview between the Inspector and Eva Smith, and...well, we just kept on adding silly things to what we wrote. I swear, if Katherine says "And did he stay the night, what ho?" when we perform it I will have to kill her.

Eek, must go. Teachers near.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Urgh, I feel totally depressed. Party due to watching a programme about Auschwitz (which always makes me feel awful - and anyone else would, unless they had no soul) but I was thinking about how horrible things are on the planet. Like murderers and rapists, and evil dictators (and especially horrible when you know they're on the loose - like Osama Bin Laden) and corruption and racism and global warming and...I could go on forever.

I mean, these people...there's always a possibility Hitler had some kind of mental problem, but the rest of them, like Rudolph Hess, couldn't have all had one as well. What has to be wrong with the human brain to make the human act so depraved?


What I wonder is - how did it all start? Back millions of years ago; the first humans, when did all the bad things start? I suppose it must have been dog eat dog already, for survival.


And in the programme they interviewed a...well, I don't know whether he was an SS officer, something like that from Slovakia. Anyway, he was laughing about it. I just wanted to grab him and strangle him. But then that would be doing the same thing as them. But he's not innocent though. GggrRRRRR it's confusing.

Bed time now. Would appreciate your comments.

Never forget.

Friday, November 11, 2005



Browsing through David Tennanty blogs, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhh *dances*

Not a bad day today...actually, that is a total lie. It was completely and utterly boring. Only funny bit was when Katherine had a run-in with the Smartboard.

I felt awful at the end of school because Tash was upset and I couldn't think of anything to say. I am CRAP at comforting people. Grrr. I want to say nice things and they come out all twisty. So, sorry Tash.

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I saw screencaps of David in the Goblet of Fire film! Waaaarrggghhh, he looks so yummly evil, hehe. I would put them up here but I don't think it's allowed.

Oh, poo scrapings, I want Casanova on DVD. And Dr Who.


Risotto. Nummynums.

Oh hell, this has turned into a random bibbling stage. I don't care, this blog was CREATED for random bibblings, so away I go.

Oh, hang on, was a good day on the bus journey home because a) I found my scarf and gloves on the bus, and b) A combination of Tom Travis and Sophie made me go into complete hysterics. Actually, Tom didn't really do much, he just looked at me with this slightly scared bemused look on his face, which made me lugh even more.

Oh, and fun lunchtime. I went on my own to practise my music, was there for about 10 minutes, then Tash and Kat came along. About ten minutes later Binnie showed up (again) and a little while later Rosie and Imogen came along to hear me play. Even Miss Jackson (Mrs Rutherford - whoops) came along and she played "Walking in the air" while we all sang along.

Was very, very funny, especially when Miss Jackson (I can't help it) kept on bursting into hysterics for no reason.

After she left, me, Imogen, Binnie, Rosie, Kat and Tash played and sang a while, until I got bored, and wrestling my music books off Imogen, went out into the blissfully cool gravel bit outside the music block.

I then proceeded to jump up and see through the music room window. Katherine, apparently, stood on a chair and held the piano top with one hand and tried to open the window with the other, but Binnie took the chair away and she was left sort of dangling over the piano, which must have been very very very funny.

After four or five jumps, I realised Diana had joined the crowd. Tom Travis came out then, and when he saw me, he said (I think) "What in the name of God are you doing?"

I must have looked rather odd trying to look through a window. Anyway, when I went back after a few minutes of fruitless jumping I saw that Chloe had joined the ranks, and Tash and Diana were helping Kat down from the piano. Amidst the chaos:

"What did you say your name was?" (Chloe)
"Hugh...or Binnie." (Binnie)
"Binnie...right...will you marry me?"
"Um...all right."

Which was very funny indeed.


What a long, boring week. Highlights = hardly any. Except for maybe Diana doing the sock dance and the extremely hilarious Drama lessons.

The Simpsons tonight, yayzees!

America, FUCK YEAH!!!!

It's my new favourite film. Kat and Tash and Diana would hate it totally, I know, but I LOVE IT!!!

Spotteswoode: Remember, there's no "I" in Team America.
I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E: (Long pause) ....yes there is.

Spotteswoode: Please Gary, I'm not from Hollywood, I'm not going to fuck your mouth and my time is EXTREMELY valuable.

That last quote is the best quote ever. I busted my gut laughing and it still makes me laugh when I think about it. It doesn't sound funny, but when you see it on film it is HILARIOUS!

Team America rocks lots. Also watched Vanilla Sky for the first time in a long while. I'd forgotten how totally ace that is, too. Weird, yet ace. And an episode of Dr Who I forgot we had:

(While running away from an army of weird gas mask people.)
"Don't drop the banana!"
"Why not?"

"OK, one, we need to get out of here, and two, we can't get out of here. Have I missed anything?"

"We're not done yet! Assets, assets!"
"Well I've got a banana, and in a pinch you could put up some shelves."
"Barred, it's a seven-storey drop."
"Well, the assets conversation went in a flash, didn't it?"

Goblet of Fire...hmm...would like to see it, but only for the Tennant-factor. They'll have missed out loads.


Thursday, November 10, 2005


*more hyperness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

LOOK! Look at THIS!


Well if you want me, I'll be attached to the TV like a limpet. Next Friday, that is.

*Eeeees a little bit more*

I know you'll be scathing, but I DON'T CARE! Hahahaha, so screw all you people making fun of me, I am past caring, I have plenty of friends who are lovely lovely so HA! HA! HA! HAAAAAAA!!!!!

*hahahahas a lot*

Well, best go.

Eeeeeeeee and HAHAHA.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

We can't read and we can't write
But that don't really matter...
We all come from Cheltenhamshire
And we can drive a tractor! Oo-ah! Oo-ah!
Oo-ah! Oo-ah! Oo-ah!

HAHAHA! 1-0 to the Cheltenham! FA cup first round against Carlisle! YESSSSS! Me and Dad went to see the game; it was brilliant! No goals in the first half, but about half way through a brilliant kick from McCann and...yesssss!

Naturally, the Carlisle fans were a tiny bit disgruntles (an understatement - they were downright furious) so there was a kind of chanting match going on between us and them:

"Who are 'ya? Who are 'ya? Who are 'ya?" (Us)

"Football ground? You're fucking joking. Football ground? You're fucking joking.!" (Them)

And so forth. It was very funny actually. Anyway, about a minute into injury time there was a massive sort of pile-up in their (or was it ours? anyway, the goal they were supposed to be aiming at) penalty area, and they scored, causing (of course) the Carlisle fans (who we were right next to - scary) to yell and jump around etc and me and Dad to cover our heads with our hands and yell, "Oh BUGGER!" very loudly.

But not all was lost - after a couple of seconds there were shouts of rage coming from the Carlisle fans - it had been offside! Hahahahahaaaa! Naturally, we were very pleased and the chanting match started again, as well as a few angry Carlislians getting a bit shirty with us over the barrier separating us from them.

So, very good match indeed, we are in the second FA round, double cool with knobs on, hurrah! Very funny moment when me and Dad were walking back to the car: since, as the chant goes, "One nil, it's a long way 'ome." the fans from Carlisle were not best pleased, and a guy from a taxi coming past us yelled, "Piss off, cocky bastards!" Or something similar.

Very funnny indeed.

Goodygoody, bonfire party at the scout hut. Am leaving very soon, lalala. Won't have far to go, in fact Iif I climb our garden fence I'm practically there already.

Well, must go. Happy deafening!

Cheltenhamshire, lalala, Cheltenhamshire, lalala. :D

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Quoting from the lessonroony...?

Am in ICT at this very moment, and am (or was) totally stuck.

Ah well, it is lunchtime soon. Time to eat...some...lunch...yes.

*ahem* James, do you have a quote for this blog?

"Nik Naks are nice."

Tash, do you have a quote?

"Jack sucks."

Katherine, do you have a quote?

"Tell her she is a freak." (Talking about me, there. Lovely.)

Matt, do you have a quote?

"Make Matt History."

Chris, do you have a quote?

(On his request) !!!!!!!!!!!!?????????...........

Ed! Give us a quote!


Ashleigh says...

"Mr Pine is lush."

Imogen says...

"Go up your own arse!" (Talking about me again.)

Alex, welcome back! Give us a quote!

"I don't have a computer."

I think that's enough. I need to try and fathom out my ICT now. Happy commenting.


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I like bananas. Bananas are good. Don't drop the banana! Good source of potassium!

Hmm, this is a bad idea, considering I am at school at this very moment. In fact, I have only been hear about an hour and a half cos I had to go to the orthodontist's for the first time.

I need an operation. BRILLIANT!


Anyway, have a new film to add to the favourites list. WALLACE AND GROMIT! 'Tis hilarious! I went with Sophie to see it and it was brilliante!

Hmmmm.......*brain block*

Next to me is a boy doing...*peers over* some random science game thing. Hmph, we never had that. We had Mr Houlton. No longer though. Hurrah!

So, my day so far: Orthodontist's, 20 minutes of German, and French this afternoon. Oh God.

Tomorrow I have...History, I think I have Physics, Oh joy of joys.

Ok, computer room is closing, must leave.

Comment, my pancakes!