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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Oh Lordy, it's been a good day.

Contents of the envelope?

Drama - A*
English Lang. - A*
English Lit. - A*
History - A
Maths - A
Science - B
Science - B

Luckily, the photographer exited in time to fail to capture my rather loud scream of joy.

Hurrah! HURRAH! All that work paid off! I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am with all of that. A* in Drama! B in Science! A bloody A in Maths! Three years ago that would have been complete unimaginable. I am all set to rock and roll in September; everything is sorted, and I have more that enough points to get in and do the subjects I want to do.

Such a good day. Me and Kat stuck around school for a while saying hello to people and waiting for Tash to arrive. They both did fantastically; a string of As and A*s for them.

The rest of the day was spent in what I called "exam result afterglow", which basically meant Kat and I wandering around in the blazing sun and eating extremely unhealthy food. That, and lounging around in Montpellier Gardens with a bunch of boys throwing sweets at each other.

...oh, and eating cream doughnuts whilst reading Jane Eyre on a park bench.

Anyway, my parents and grandparents were very pleased, and I was taken out for haddock and chips to celebrate. Once again...hurrah!

In less than a year's time, it'll be AS results. Eep. Still, at least there'll only be four.

(They'll just be about four times as hard.)

Anyway, had better go. Farewell!

P.S. I never did get round to talking about the writing course, did I? Check this out...

(I have two shots near the beginning, and I deeply apologise for the second one; I'm doing some kind of absurd mime and my braces seem to be inhibiting my speech. Plus, my hair is crap. I don't usually look that bad!)

(Oh, and in that last shot, I'm the one kneeling in the front row at the end, with the short blue skirt.)

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Just a very quick post to apologise for the lack of updates. One of my friends is in Peru at the moment and I can't contact her, so my mind is billions of miles from anything else, including here, to be honest.

I'll post my GCSE results on Thursday, promise.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

You know, I never thought I'd say this about Catherine Tate (I don't watch her on television much, after all), but damn, she looks good there. As does Mr Tennant, obviously. Although his hair does seem to be undergoing some kind of canopy effect.
Gah. I was going to write all about the write4kicks course, but I'd need at least an hour to go through it all. All I'll say for now was that it was the best week I've ever had, and I made so many new friends. More to come, I promise!
I should go out. I'm feeling a bit boxed in.
Marie, bloody huge congratulations! I haven't bought the novel yet (for shame), but I've flicked through it in Waterstones and it looks fantastic! Really looking forward to reading it all the way through. I cheered when I spotted it.
RIGHT. Must get out of the house. I promise I'll post about more important things, and in more detail, soon. I'm feeling a bit apathetic at the moment; I've tried incredibly hard and still haven't been contacted for a job, and am waiting on tenterhooks for my results. I feel completely lazy and useless. Must not go into a downward spiral from here...
Got to go. Try and post soon!

P.S. I have tried and tried, but the huge block text o'doom will not separate out. Must have something to do with the picture. I'll try again later.

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