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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Oh God.

Oh God.

I feel sick. Oh God, I just feel...oh, it's horrible.

Why can't people stop it?

I will explain. In Germany, I read an article in Katherine's magazine about pro anorexia and bullimia websites there are around. Apparently, they call them Ana and Mia on these websites.

So, out of curiousity, (and nothing more than that - most definitely) I typed in mia and ana and google. And found some completely horrible things.

I found a whole site worth of how life is nothing unless you're thin, and how to deal with food cravings and what to do, basically ("eat ice and ice water because it bloats you up without food") and photos of people they should look like.

I cried. Honestly, I cried. It was horrible. Absolutely horrible. How can people do that to themselves? And how can people be so disgusting as to encourage them?

I would say more, but I can't find the words. But I felt absolutely disgusted at all of it. They're supposed to look like all these thin celebrities like the Olsens, and the photoes look skeletal. And there are pictures of the sufferers and their target weights (they were horrifyingly thin) and comments like, "You're fat."

They're killing themselves! They're...they're...Oh god, I don't know what to say. It's just so scary how so many girls are taken in by horrible websites like that. Do they have no brains at all? Weight isn't everything! In fact, weight is practically NOTHING. How and why do these girls think that being completely skeletal is healthy, and looks good?

So yeah, I don't feel very happy after seeing that. Not at all. If only there was some way of convincing them that they're...no, I can't say insane, that's cruel, but they're so WRONG.


I've got to go now. Sorry for being depressing, but I just felt horrible.


Sunday, October 23, 2005

Extracts from the German Exchange Diaries

At this moment in time we are in a German geography lesson. Mr Whats-His-Face has rubbed a load of gibberish from the blackboard and is writing some more unintelligable garbage. No offense to the guy, but IT MAKES NO SENSE. AND NOT ONLY BECAUSE IT IS IN GERMAN!

Anyway...now Patrick the ickle-absolute-clone-of-James has just walked in from an errand. He really is weeny.

Seriously, this teacher needs to learn to write. It's just scribbles!

Had nice cake earlier. Nummy, if that is a word. Life is good. Ann-Kathrin and I get on. Doing lotsa stuff. Hurrah!

More untelligable rubbish is being plastered on. Ho hum. Katherine is snooping. Grr. I miss basketball, and sleeping in late, but otherwise am fine. But surely it is neither right nor fair to set off to school when the stars are still shining. Es ist FRICKING KALT.

Teacher is wearing a cricket jumper. Girl with quite extraordinary fringe keeps staring at me. Grrr, es ist nervig.

It is...10 past 10. Means it is 10 past 9 in England. We are half way through our second lesson. Tash, Hannah etc are starting their first. Hmm. Now fringey is snapping her fingers. Ooowww, have hair in my eye. Praise be, people look INTERESTED.

THEY'RE DOING FRONTS!!! I get it! Well no, I don't, but I know what they're DOING.

Fringe girl now completely freaking me out. Eeek! Now others are staring at me. What is so amaing about the English? BELL! BELL! FREEDOM!!!

Physics now. Swivelly chair, yay! Right next to the radiator, double yay! Fringey other side of room but still managed to stare at me.

Catching the odd few words: gross (big), spiegel (mirror).

*gasp* they're doing reflection! Yah, yah. Better than nuclear Fisson, which sucks. Totally. Wow. Me, Katherine, James, Robin AND Izzy are all scribbling. Robin will do her huge page filled of block capital words, some being, ESSEN and JONNY DEPP and PENCIL and MY NAME IS MRS FLYNN.

The word 'winkel' keeps on appearing on the board. Was ist das?

Hahahaha. Off to town to eat things afterwards. Mmm...things...I will buy presents for my family in Kaufhof, the biggest shop in the ENTIRE WORLD. Just unearthed something from the forest that is my hair.

Teacher looks vaguely like Tash's mum. VERY vaguely. Ickle Patrick now gazing at the window at *looks* a tree. Ok, the lights just turned off. Scary.

Little break from the diaries now. Will write more tomorrow. This is Ros in England, by the way, not the diary.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Ho hum, pig's bum. *snigger*

Amy...go sock yourself. OK, that sounded quite a lot better in my head... :S

Urgent question: What happened to the sock??? Haven't seen it in MONTHS and MONTHS. Max hasn't lost it, has he?


This is a post to satisfy the needs of my cruel master, The Oh So Evil One (aka Amy) because she has been nagging me again. ("You haven't posted in nearly three days!")

Ah well, I don't mind. Amy deserves to be happyhappyhappy because she is a lovely person. So is Max. So is Rosie. So is Simon. So is Cieran...when he feels like it. So is Eleanor. So is Cara. So is Charlotte, and everyone else in that mad little group of ours. You all rock! But Amy rocks just a bit more!

*majoy sucking up to taking place*

Nah, I mean it. YOU ALL RULE! Unlike some people...grr...Mike and Martin spring to mind as classic examples.

Although you have to feel sorry for Martin, really. He's a lapdog and a pawn, as I may have mentioned before. I mentined both examples to Martin. His reactions were as follows:

"I'm porn?"
"I'm a dog? If you want to see dog, look in the mirror!"

Under the watchful eye and influence of Mike, no doubt. When Mike's not there Martin lapses into silence, most of the time anyway. Still, I don't have complete pity. He should stand up for himself instead of letting himself be strung along. Grr...he is annoying anyway.

And Mike...I don't think I should talk about Mike unless I want to start hitting the nearest thing very hard. (Which would be my laptop, which was very expensive and is very useful anddo not want to damage it.)

Some quotes:

Me: Katherine gets a Game boy out and Cieran springs to attention straight away.
Cieran: It's a Nintendo DS, actually.
Me: DS, Gameboy, we're all fruit.

Grant: A golden piece of advise: Chocolate fixes everything. And I mean everything.
Me: What about diabetes?
Grant: Well, I, um, I, oh shut up.

(After Mum tells him off for getting a box of shortbread instead of a tin.)
Dad: Marks and Spencers, Shortbread, tin, you told me. Well, two out of three's enough.
Me: Hello...Richard. No, Geoffrey! No, Richard! No, Geoffrey! *long pause* Richard?
Geoffrey: Geoffrey.
Me: Crap.
(Sorry about the excessive Me quotes here, I just wanted to share them with the world.)
Me: Oh, big piles of cowpat! The bus isn't here yet!
Me: Oh, fliggleguff! The bus isn't here yet!
Sophie: Oh, shut the crap up.
Hahahaha. I know of more but am not going to write them down.
Sam Thacker: Yes, I was the kind of five year old who beat people with sticks.
At least I think he said that. It might have been someone else.
Anyway, must continue packing for exchange, then maybe have bubble bath. Smell ya laterrr!
And Amy, comment or I eat you. You rock :D
Apologies for the non-gaps in between quotes. I have tried to return but they won't come up when I republish! Grr. So if you're reading, the quotes are all separate, except for the Me, Geoffrey, Me one. Non of them link up except that.