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Thursday, June 29, 2006

All right, I admit it; I gave in. I got a bebo account. Happy now? I'm not doing it just to follow the crowd...I just looked at Tom's and Sophie's and Jenny's and thought it looked fun. So I got one. You can have a look at it if you want.

(You realise I'm being very trusting, here; I'm don't know if Anna W/Lisa/Marie are perverts or not.)

Oh God...Tae Kwon Doe...dying of exhaustion...urgh...

Right, I'm off to print out Biology and collapse in a sweaty heap. Excellent.

*stumbles away*

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hey peeps, it's me again! Not Rosby, but hopefully she won't delete this because she loves me, and she still owes me for spending my whole lunchtime yesterday helping her with her chemistry coursework, and no doubt will do the same today with biology...
Anyway, it's muffinman here and I'm in French writing sentences about crap French flan things; Teddy is playing air hockey on the computer (arcadearena.com) and has just scored...
Masha and other weird people who do geography on the trip in Wet Wet Wales, got a text from Masha this morning saying that Rosy fell up to her waist in the river - what do you expect if you walk into rivers to collect rock samples? Almost as bad as analysing sand grains on the beach - it makes Physics seem almost bearable!

Egads; haven't posted in a while. Hello! Someone has challenged to me to write a post that does NOT include Brokeback Mountain, Doctor Who, David Tennant or...something else. Hell, I don't know.

But I can do it. Sure as sure I can. Absolutely. *twitch*

It's easy.


...ah, what the hell. Did you SEE that preview??? It looks incredible! Cannot wait till Saturday!

And say what you like, I don't think Rose will die. That's what everyone is expecting, so I don't think it'll happen. What'll happen is that her mum and dad will somehow (God knows how) be reunited in the alternate universe, and seeing as the Doctor can't go there unless it's by accident, Rose will have to choose between him and her full family.

And she'll choose the family, because they're all together.

That sounds a hell of a lot more feasible to me. Don't you think?

Right, that's Doctor Who gone. But I can still write a post with mentioning Brokeback Mountain. I'm sure I can. Simple.

Very simple.

You know it could be like this, just like this, always...

Bugger. It's imprinted onto my brain. Damn you, Jake/Heath/Ang!

Am in a French lesson at the mo; meant to be finding out about the Swiss football team but I CANNOT be bothered, I really can't. I'm too tired and aching from Tae Kwon Doe.

Dum de doo...fifteen minutes till German. In German we're watching a film called Good Bye Lenin, which isn't actually too bad. Fairly gorgeous guy in the lead role.

Then English...Of Mice and Men...which I've already read...then Physics...kill me now, oh vengeful Lord...

Then home! And coursework. Ugh.

Right, had better go now.


*walking away*


Dum da doo...


Argh, I can't take it anymore!

You win, damn you, you win!!!

*runs off*

Friday, June 23, 2006

"Brokeback Mountain is the latest abomination from that West Coast BABEL, Hollywood. This depraved piece of cinema portrays two gay cowboys!! Lord have mercy!! What will they think of next? When I was a little girl the images we had of cowboys were of real men like John Wayne, not of twittering panty waists who spend all their time pressing flowers and crying because they can't have each other (in the sexual way - ugh!) The film is an affront to America, to John Wayne, to cowboys and to GOD himself. I have already written a letter of complaint to the film production company and have also expressed my disguse to Dr James Dobson. I think that all good CHRISTIAN women should picket outside this depiction of GODLESSNESS in the Tetons until it is taken off of all screens in America."

OK, I am all for people having beliefs, but if anyone wants to go and hit this woman around the head with a blunt instrument, I'm not stopping you.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

My rant subject for today: Teachers.

I understand that at least half of them are great at their job; they are well-paid and teach well and efficiently, and I understand that it's a lot better than in the days of yore with caning blah blah blah.

The myth is that all teachers are brilliant, and are always in the right etc. This is a LIE.

Teachers are INNEFECTUAL. (Mr Andrew)
Teachers DO NOT LISTEN (Miss Crick, Mrs Ball, Mrs Jeanes)
Teachers ARE NEVER THERE WHEN YOU ACTUALLY NEED THEM (Mrs Furze, Mrs Ball, Ms Reid, etc.)
Teachers are VERBALLY ABUSIVE (Mr Wood - still, at least we was sacked in the end)

I am sick to death of teachers right now. I just want to strangle the whole lot of them.

And the really, really, really infuritating thing? The best ones always leave! The ONE really good teacher I had this year and he left! GGRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

And none of you try and make me feel guilty with your "In my day"s, because it won't work.

*storms off in the worst mood imaginable*

Sunday, June 18, 2006

P.S. The Girl who should Never be Named has a blog! Yayyy! That's going straight on the list.

And pay particular attention to the title, made up by moi. :D

Gargh, too many itsy bitsy little things to post about!

Anyway, first and most important point: MARIE IS MEETING DAVID TENNANT! TONIGHT! Soooo jealous! (Well, that's if Marie is actually Marie and not an online paedophile making up stories - you never know, after all). I want to be her! Right now. Grrrrrr...still, very excited for her.

Secondly, I...LOVE...SCRUBS!!!

Thirdly, I...HATED...LOVE...AND...MONSTERS!!!

Fourthly, I am engaged in a massive debate as we speak (with a girl we'll call...The One Who Must Never Be Named, because if I do name her she will kill me) over a rather obscure thing.

The "I miss you so much it hurts sometimes" moment in Scrubs vs. The reunion kiss in, you guessed it, Brokeback Mountain.

As an objective outsider, who do you think should win? I mean, clearly it's the reunion kiss, hands down, but my friend will not be swayed. (In fact, ever since her phenomenal and slightly scarily obsessive crush on Zach Braff has surfaced, she wouldn't be swayed if you tried to...to...I don't know, run her over.)

Right, um...fifthly, my teeth are driving me to the brink of complete insanity (if I wasn't there already) and I am ready to just smash them out with a hammer and get dentures. So much EASIER. How am I ever going to snog someone with these atrocities? How, I ask you? How???

Okay, rant over, post over, must go and eat something.


P.S. I will comment on the finer points of Love and Monsters at a later date; for now, let's just say that I have lost a great deal of respect for Marc Warren.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

"The sock is the apple of my belly button and its combined forces of hysteria." (Hannah)

"You two have exactly the same expression on your face! Especially YOU!" (Me)

"Keep your sockware *away from my face*!" (Claire)

[Staring at a picture of Alan Rickman in confusion.]
"Is that...Antonio Berandas?" (Amber)

"It was sort of the same back in John Travolta's day..."
[From behind Ms Reid.]
"That man is so ugly!" (Me)

"Bumblebee. What shed? My dog is rented." (Kat)

[Back in March 2005]
"What's the name of that actor who plays young Casanova?" (Me)

"Calm yourself, woman! You have the patience of a teaspoon!" (Anna)

"I found your blog the other day, Ros." (Mum)
"Oh God...well, what did you think of it?"
[Thoughtfully] "You do say the word 'crap' an awful lot."

My life in weird quotes. Enjoy.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

My quote of the week:

[Whilst discussing the optimum temperature of the male appendage.]
Insuperior Anna: No, it always has to be kept warm!
[Anna starts to get off the bus.]
Jenny: Ha, I wonder how she knows THAT!
Wait a minute, how the hell DOES she know that?

(Note - "Insuperior" added afterwards, after the *other* Anna went off on one.)

GAGGHHHH!!! Frustration! Operation! Teeth! Blood! Antibiotics! Drool! Swelling! Sound like I have an uncontrollable lisp!

...and yet Joe has *perfect* teeth, and attracts *hundreds* of girls despite his twatty nature and constant smoking. He is a man-whore! How the hell does he do it?

I suppose it's the Heath Ledger Philosophy, which I posted somewhere else then subsequently deleted for some reason. Ah well.

So yes, back from hospital, teeth hurting, antibiotics, and I've had the taste of blood in my mouth all day. Yummy.

And a little girl in the bed opposite me had an operation on her arm. She went in chirpy, came back screaming her bloody heart out. Fairly understandable, I thought, before realising that she *wasn't* actually screaming for the pain.

Well, fair enough, I thought again; I was pretty freaked out after I'd had aneasthetic for the very first time. And she was only about six, after all.

But the wailing and screaming went on...and on...and on...and on...without stopping, for about two hours. Eventually I just wanted to grab her and yell "LOOK! YOU HAVE *GOT* TO *CALM* DOWN!!!"

And I know that's insensitive, but God, she was driving me mad. She was being a real spoiled brat as well, the entire time.

*sigh* In a bad mood...can't talk properly...can only eat yogurt and soup...Marie is meeting my hero and I am *dying* of jealousy...

Oh screw this, I'm going.

Monday, June 12, 2006

"Why can't I quit you.....AGAIN!!"

The man is *inhumanly* gorgeous!

Anyway, FANTASTIC news; it turns out the Tae Kwon Doe exam went great, and I was one of THREE people out of all the rest who graded recently who got an A+! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! Top marks!!! Hahahahaaaaaa!!! So I now have a certificate, a license, and have moved up a belt! Yayyyyy!!! Very very very happy. Hee.

Bad news? I have an impossibly hard Biology exam tomorrow, as well as Maths and History. And I had Chemistry and English today, both of which were crap.

Oh God. English is supposed to be my best subject. I've had full marks for some of my coursework! I write in every waking moment...yet that exam was really hard. Oh no...if that was hard then what will the others be like.

Wow. Way to lose the elation.

Anyway, better go and worry some more. Ciao, as they say in distant parts of the world.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Has anyone read the Ben Elton book Dead Famous? Because if the moronity and insanity that is Big Brother is allowed to continue, what happens in the book is going to become reality. Guaranteed.

Oh God. Have chronic Brokeback Mountain fever. Watched it full-length tonight and wept copiously, which I haven't actually done for a while. It was this scene that got me:

And this one:

And this one (obviously):

And this scene got me sobbing like a wounded animal (hmm - attractive image):

Ugh, I have got to stop. Have also got to credit roniabirk for those screencaps. And before you say, I do NOT stare at the screen and drool, thank you! Hmph. And plus, I don't actually know the German for "gay shepherd sex", although I'm sure Miss Cole would partake the wisdom...or not.

Anyway, God speed. Da dum da dee.

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Well, today was my German writing GCSE, and I'm pretty confident it went well. I had to write about a holiday in Germany (I went to Berlin and visited museums and tried German cuisine, apparently) and I had to write to a friend and tell her about a film I'd seen. Well, as soon as I saw *that* question I knew what to write.

Ah, Brokeback Mountain...die romantisch Filme mit Jake Gyllenhaal und Heath Ledger in die Hauptrollen...

And, before you say, it wasn't because I'm obsessed, it was because I knew the most vocab for it.

Anyway, German GCSEs are OVER!!! Hahahaaaaaa! And by tomorrow (French Listening and Reading) ALL OF MY GCSEs (for this year, anyway) WILL BE OVER!!! YAYYYY!!!

...and then later on tomorrow I have my first ever Tae Kwon Doe exam.
...and then next week I have an operation on my teeth slap bang in the middle of my gazillion or so other exams.

Isn't school fun?

Anyway, enough about me.

I'm a bit confused; is Marie definitely going to meet David T? Definitely definitely?

If so, then I am suffering from terminal jealousy already. Is there any chance you could make a detour to Cheltenham and smuggle me in? I could wear stilts...

In ICT at the moment. I'll start revising soon, but I'm taking a break to say Guten Tag to you, because I left that other post feeling *very* pissed off at Lisa's...well...is he your boyfriend? Husband?

Kat! Give us a quote!

*Kat bares her teeth*

"It's a suspendory ligament."

They're working us too hard.

And now Mitchell won't piss off. Grrrr. Anyway, had better go and do some work now. Byeee!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

"Someone over my shoulder - mentioning no names, but erm, he lives with me - said "shouldn't she be revising for her GCSEs?"I reply, "not when she has a genius mind like this".Besides, isn't revision time for anything BUT revising? And I feel I should add that the remark came from a man who when he was studying was once caught sandpapering his paperback books rather than writing an essay (supposedly the books had gotten too dusty to be just, you know, dusted...)."

Well, excuse me! I'll have you know that I have been revising die-hard all half term for French, Physics, Biology, Maths and Chemistry! I am under *enourmous* pressure; and they're not even real GCSEs! (Except for French and German). I have been panicking relentlessly despite the revision, because there is too much to take in, and I cannot for the life of me understand a lot of it, while practically everyone else can.

I also have an oporation on my teeth mid-week to contend with, and my first ever Tae Kwon Doe grading on Friday, the SAME DAY as my French GCSE. Why do you think I haven't posted for a week?

And excuse me for just taking a *little* time off to do something I enjoy (i.e. writing). So think before you speak!

*storms off*