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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Doop de doooooo....

Oddsiboddikins, my fellow bloggos! Not much has happened in the last few days. Have made friends with the Russian kids. I played tennis with Vitalli, and now all the boys have been making fun of me by saying, "Ros loves Vitalli!" in Russian. I responded with, "Zat Kneesh!" which means "Shut up!"

Interesting tidbit when I was in town today. I spotted Checkmate by Malorie Blackman on the shelves; which was surprising since I thought it wasn't out till August. I had a flick through the first 100 pages or so (it took an hour and I said only flick). Looking at it....meeeeehhh...I don't think I like it much. It looks all uber-emotional and dramatic and rubbish, like the last one.

Hahahaha! Am listening to a story tape from the library called, 'The Little Sod Diaries.' It's HILAROUS! It's basically a baby's diary. Very funny.

Ohhhhhhhhh I don't know what to say. Have no idea what to say. The internet and msn keeps on cracking up, and the Sims 2 is being sloooooooow.

Daaaaaaaviiiiiid, David Tennaaaaaaaant!

Lalalala his new costume is on my desktop. It's love-love-lovely to log on and see him.

I'm crazy, aren't I? I'm only using himas a subsitute because the person I REALLY like could not POSSIBLY like me in a MILLION years, despite the fact I haven't asked them.

It's not a nice position to be in.

Amy is sososososososo lucky. She has a lovely boy to confide in, not a tall, ugly, absolutely pervy and disgusting yet plasticcy-popular one like practically all the ones at school. I don't fancy any of them, ohhh no.

I hate all the 'dating and fancying' business sometimes. It's so complicated, and annoying and stupid. Grrr....it's all misery and uncertainty, and often a lot of short-livedness. I hope Amy and Max aren't short-lived, cos then afterwards they'll be miserable and....gagh....I don't know.

Anyway, I must go now. Doop de doooo.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Chattering Ros chunters on about children from Chernobyl in Cheltenham (and something about Charity Day). Thank you Jack! :D

The Chernobyl children have arrived. Hurrah! Summer has begun! Although I'm hardly going to be able to do anything this year because our family aren't looking after them, so I'll have to bed people to give me lifts to places. Still, off swimming in Cascades tomorrow. Socketty!

I see AMY THE HYPOCRITE hasn't posted since Charity Day, despite the fact she is always nagging me about it.

Blogger's block again. Bye bye.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Have just read my entire blog from start to finish. Wow! I was very superficial about some things. Still, we're all allowed to have our obsessions.

Charity day today. Was brilliant, ice-cream eatingly, bouncingly fun. Loved it! Was intrigued by a guy in 9R who is called Ashley, but I have apparently never met or spoken to. Hmm. Anyway, he is very nice looking and he doesn't seem like a perverted-immature-weird-little boy type, so maybe I will try and get to know him.

Me being the wonderful, funny, beautiful girl I am.


Last day of term tomorrow! w00t! I cannot WAIT, it is going to be superly wonderful. My last EVER Geography lesson tomorrow!!!

Hurrah Hurrah Hurrah Hurrah Hurrah Hurrah Hurrah!!!!

As you can see, I hate Geography. A lot.

Amy has made me feel ashamed and nasty. From now on I will stop being interfering and nosy. And I have given her permission to whack me around the head if I am.

Comment, people. If you like someone a lot, and you know that they don't like you in that way at all, but you're just bursting to tell them to release it all, is it right to tell them?


It would be awkward and weird, though.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Hellooooo, my blogmeisters! I am back from my little sojurn in Holland; it was fantasticimoto! Big tall buildings and bridges and cafes and canals. Well, that was Amsterdam. Every single person I saw was on a bike. Hardly any cars; just bikes and trams everywhere.

Also a large number of cannabis smokers. NOT good. I nearly gagged on the smell in some shops we passed. It smells DISGUSTING! We also turned the wrong way and found ourselves in the Red Light District by accident. It was still daylight, so no prostitutes, but some very dodgy looking shops. Poor girls...are they crazy?

Anywaaaaay, we visited the Anne Frank house, mum and me. I admit it freely, I cried. Things like that affect me like that. I cried the most when we went into her bedroom and all the pictures were still on the walls. It's an absolutely miniscule place; I never realised.

We also went on a boat trip which Mum says was a waste of money (she did a lot of complaining) but I liked it. And I bought Harry Potter, and read it.

NNNNNOOOOO!!!! JK Rowling, how could you killl...ahem....that person. Are you loony???

Harry for Ginny!

I am writing this in a Maths lesson. Mrs Dyas hasn't turned up, it seems. Tomorrow is Charity Day. Hurrah! A chance to spend money on stalls and ice creams and bouncy castle rides and stuff. Woo!!!

Amy and Max are all holdy hands and cuddly. Aww.

jn the words of Geraldine Granger, "KISS YOU MORONS!!!"

Some random quotes that I like:

From Mean Girls:

Kevin: You Porto Rican?
Janis: Lebanese.
Kevin: I feel that.

From Friends:

Monica: I'm Rachel! I love Ross! I hate Ross! I love Ross! I hate Ross!
Rachel: I'm Monica! I can't get a boyfriend so I think I'll stumble across the hall and sleep with the first person I find!

From Doctor Who:

Rose: If you're an alien how come you sound like you're from the North?
Doctor: Lots of planets have a north!

Oh, how I love Doctor Who....it's a hell of a challenge writing it in French, though. Tash and Kat object strongly, but I do not care. Doctor Who is wonderful and brilliant, and DAVID TENNANT IS MIIIIINE!

So is Viggo Mortensen. Mmm...Katherine likes him too, amazingly. She is shallow, really. She used to like Joe Ogbourne, then went off him after he shaved his head.

Everyone thinks I am weird because I look for personality before looks.

Oh, my beloved Tennant....

Friday, July 15, 2005


Am so, so tempted to give my next post a really intriguing title and then not write anything, just to annoy Amy. But I'm nice (ish) so I decided to take her increasing complaints ("You haven't blogged since Tuesday and now it's Friday!") into account and write another post.

Both performances of Mary Poppins were kick-assingly brilliant, although I have to say I think we did a little better on the night when we weren't being judged. Our strobe-lighting failed on Thursday, for example. York won Best Production, Beaufort best technical, Richmond best actress (Rosie who played Nancy) and WE won best actor (our own beloved Theo aka Bert). So all is fine.

OFF TO HOLLAND TOMORROW!!! Hurrah! Cannot wait. I have a slight problem though. Tomorrow is when the next Harry Potter book comes out, and I've pre ordered it but I can't pick it up till next week. But by that time it's extremely likely someone will have ruined the whole plot for me at school.

I could always sweet-talk Mum into buying it for me if it's at the airport...perhaps. It's gonna be morbid again. Ah well.

Hmm...thinking of something to say....failing.....

Have found out I am going to be in 10P next year. I'm with quite a few all right people, I think. On the plus side I'm with kat and Tash, on the down side, they're bound to sit next to each other every lesson and leave me on my own again, as I've been for about two and a half years now.

Also found out I'm not having Mr Houlton next year (hurrah!) and not having Mrs Glew either (non-hurrah.)

Everybody wants to be a cat!
Because a cat's the only cat
Who knows where it's at.
Everybody wants to have the feline beat!

Etc. Oh, how I love that song.

See I reckon you're about an eight or a nine
Maybe even nine and a half in four beers time.
That blue short top you've got on is nice,
A little too much fake tan, but yeah, you score high.
The only thing that's really, really, really annoying me about you is,
Yeah, like I said, you're really fit,
But my gosh! Don't you just know it?

One of those incredibly annoying songs that you can't stop singing.

Comment on your fave Friends episodes, people!

See y'all on Wednesday. (Well, Amy, that is. And possibly Sally and Serreya. I can't spell your name, I apologise.)


Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Um diddle iddle iddle um diddle aye!

Mmmm. Just had a lovely lovely dinner of risotto and toffee ice cream. Mum and Dad and me talked about time travel and paradoxes and stuff.

A good, yet tiring, day today. Had a full dress rehearsal of all the House plays. Went well-ish. Let's Go Fly a Kite screwed up entirely because at the beginning of the song practically no one was on stage. But it went well enough. I spread invisible bird seed like nobody's business.

The afternoon was hellish. We had house rounders, which is heart-breaking enough, but to do it in the boiling hot sunshine, with Mrs Mackenzie is truly awful. And to cap it all, we had a depleted team. Fran refused to fecking play, Chloe claimed she would play but would just stand around, then convieniently lost her shoes, and Maddy had shorts instead of a skirt so The Wicked Witch of the School Field told her rudely that she couldn't play.

I hate her, I hate her!!!!!! Loads of girls were wearing wrong stuff, and yet it's Gloucester she picks on. And when we confronted her and said it was unfair she claimed that they could play if they wanted, but since they had the wrong equipment they chose not to. Which is an utter lie.

*mentally grabs frozen kipper and proceeds to kill Mrs Mackenzie with it*

Had a little natter with Imogen about our favourite Friends episodes. Mine is, without a doubt, The One With the Cuffs.

Chandler gets together with Rachel's boss, and she handcuffs him semi-naked in her office. Rachel sneaks in there to look at something and discovers him there. It's HILARIOUS.

Rachel: You know what Chandler, I don't care. You got yourself into those cuffs, you can get yourself out of them:
Chandler: (hysterically) I can't do that! You must have me mixed up with the AMAZING Chandler!

Joanna: What are you doing?
Chandler: Getting dressed.
Joanna: Why?
Chandler: ...when I go outside naked people throw garbage at me.

Chandler: (After being released) HELLO SWEET PANTS!!!

Chandler: (To a silent, furious Rachel) Hi. Ok, here's the situation. The keys to the cuffs are on the back of the door. Could you be a doll and fetch them, then scoot over here and unlock me?
(Rachel is still stonily silent)
Chandler: And on a completely different topic, that is a lovely pantsuit.

Rachel: You promised you would break up with her!
Chandler: I did break up with her! She just took it really, really well!!!

Classic, pure classic. I also love the jellyfish one...

Ross: Ewwww! You peed on yourself?
Monica: You can't say that! Y-you don't know! And I thought I was gonna pass out from the pain! Anyway, I tried, but I couldn't...bend that way. So...(stares at Joey)
Everyone: Eeeeewwww!!!
Joey: That's right, I stepped up! She's my friend and she needed help! If I had to, I'd pee on anyone of you! But...I couldn't. I got stage fright. So I turned to Chandler.
(Chandler moans)
Chandler: Joey kept screaming at me "Do it, do it now, do it, do it, do it now!" Sometimes late at night I can still hear the screaming.
Joey: He he. That's 'cos I do it through the wall to freak you out.

Monday, July 11, 2005


What a LONG day. It seems like years ago I caught the bus this morning. We spent ALL DAY rehearsing for Mary Poppins, and AT LAST it's looking really good. We had two dress rehearsals and they went great. I am proud to be a one-liner!

My main job is to stand on the stage scattering fake bird seed, then say my (only) line. Then basically rush off and change into a sweep, then rush onto the stage shouting "cheroo cheroo cheroo!"

My favourite song is Step in Time. I like Supercalifrajilisticexpialidocious to. hehehe.

Anyway, a good day really, not just for me. *coughAMYcough*

If I were Amy I would be insanely happy, but she is all indecisive and confused. For the love of Tennant, girl, SORT IT OUT!!!

Opportunites like that do not come very often.

Anywaaaaay again, I finished The Time Traveler's Wife. I cried near the end, it was so sad. I've added it to my profile.

It is getting dark now, and I am tired. I love you always. Time is nothing.



  1. Because Mary Poppins is going much better than I thought, and performing it will not be such a disaster after all.
  2. I am going to AMSTERDAM on Saturday. HOORAAAAY!
  3. Amy has got her wish, which I am happy about :-)
  4. Um...what was the fourth reason? Oh yes! I won't tell you in case it doesn't happen, or in case Anna somehow finds out I'm showing off, but let's just say it involves me, her, Beth and Doctor Who...
  5. We break up NEXT FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happyhappy. But not about London. Sadsad about London. And about my stupid family who are always arguing. Actually, they're all right now. *darkly* so far. Maybe it's because Joe's not home.

Anyway, will go now. Farewell, blog-meisters! Will let you know how Mary Poppins gets on...

And to all those nasty people who comment nasty things about me, FECK OFF!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Comment...analyse...review...eat pork...mmm...pork...

Reading Amy's blog, I liked the look of her random questions, so I decided to do them. Read 'em and...well, don't weep, but...just read. Sock.

1. If you woke up tomorrow morning and you were the opposite gender, what would be the first thing you'd do? Same as Amy. Scream! Then consult a doctor or a psychic or something.

2. If you could be invisible for a whole day, what would you do? I would play havoc with people to freak them out; make things fly, play tricks, and do nasty things to my enemies such as pull their trousers down right in front of a teacher. hehe.

3. If you could completely get rid of one fashion trend that you personally don't like, what would it be? I would...um...get rid of those shawl thingies. They look strange. And belly button piercings. Nasty things.

4. If you could dye your hair ANY color, what color would you choose? Red, probably. Browny-red. Definitely not blonde.

5. If you could look like any celebrity, who would you choose and why? Ooh, toughie. *Thinks* I genuinely have no idea.

6. If you could spend one hour with ANYONE, (alive or dead) who would it be, and why? You will never know. Them, and perhaps my great-grandad who died when I was about four. Or Ivan, maybe.

7. If you won a million dollars in the lottery, what would you do with the money? Make sure my family was set up, then probably donate the rest.

8. If you could tell one person ANYTHING, what would it be, and who would it be? If I told you that....the frozen kipper would have to make an impromptu entrance. And that would be bad news.

9. If you saw your favorite celebrity in the street, what would be your first reaction? If I saw David Tennant, most likely my stomach would go completely tickly as it does, and I would out my hands over my mouth and say in a breathy voice, "Oh my God!" When I am amazed I usually do that.

10. If you could change your first name to anything you wanted, what would you change it to? Sally, like Sally Lockhart. Or perhaps Lauren.

11. What's one feature of your appearance that you absolutely like? My hair when it's washed, and my eyes.

12. If you were told today that you had only a month to live, what would be all the things you would do, or say before you died? Go to America, um...see all my family, do lots of fun things with my friends......secret....try and see David Pelzer and tell him he's a hero.

13. If you could change any part of your appearance, what would it be? Hair when it's wild (which is most of the time - see blog title) and definitely hands. Eurgh.

14. If you had your own line of cosmetics, what would you call it, and what kind of products would you make? I would donate it to Amy to make them au naturelle.

15. If you had your own line of underwear, how would you design it? I have no idea.

16. If you could have one super power, what would it be? Wingless flight. Duh...

17. If you had the choice would you rather be Elvis Presley for a day, or Brad Pitt? Ok, that's just perverted.

18. Do you believe your dreams have significance? God, I hope so.

Have had a fab diddly doo weekend spent at Hannah's house for a sleepover party. We went on her trampoline and played crazy daisy, wee made pizzas, we watched Hitch, then The Ring (which had us all screaming like loonies - brilliant film), half of Team America (which I loved, and that meant that everyone else hated it and had to turn it off, The Grudge (had us screaming even more - rubbish but scary) then 13 going on 30.

So, I know have two more horror films to add to the list:
  • The Grudge
  • The Ring
  • Scream
  • Chunks of The Excorsist
  • Do Scary Movies 1, 2 and 3 count?

For anybody who is even interested (I'm sure you all are) this is my current media list:

Films - Favourites

Vanilla Sky, Supersize Me, The Mummy, The Fifth Element, Sliding Doors.


Right now I'm reading "The Tim Traveller's Wife" which has concerned Mum and Dad because they believe it is 'unsuitable'. It's brilliant.

Noughts and Crosses, The Sally Lockhart trilogy, Point Blanc.


Amy has given me a true friendship gift (well, she hasn't yet, but she should do hopefully) THE ENTIRE RECORDED SET OF DOCTOR WHO ON DVD!!!! Well, lend, not give. YESYESYES!!! I've practically forgotten what happened in some of them and I didn't see them all.

Scrubs! WOO! Scrubs is fab diddly oso. Loveitloveitloveit. And Will and Grace is so-so-ish-sock. Not as good as it used to be.

Anyway, must go and wash the grey out of my hair. I went to Hannah's party dressed as Gandalf and the hair has suffered.

Comment! Amy, for the love of god, please get me those episodes!!!!!

*Doctor Who withdrawal twitch*

Thursday, July 07, 2005

RIP 33

Bloody terrorists.

Amy told me about it at lunch. She said there were two dead, and then when I got home it had increased well over tenfold. That is truly horrific, nasty, terrible, nauseous and many other things besides.

Was it Al Qaeda? I'm a bit hazy on the details here. But it was right near the hospital. A whole top of a bus!


And if that wasn't bad enough, this is going to give tsunamilover a whole load of new ammunition. If he ever actually posts again. Cos he's a racist and hates Muslims and he'll say it's every single Muslim's fault if it was Al Quada and yahdeyahdeyah. Stupid guy.

Although if it's in England he probably won't care. Well, he should!

Alarmed at the number of racist people that keep on showing up. Just recently, I had a long conversation with Matt, in my class, who I haven't talked to that much over the last few years. I know why now. He is a racist, sexist bastard!

Even Lucy has a racist streak. She keeps on saying how the Germans are evil and Nazis and how she doesn't trust them. And she's deadly serious!

Has she ever met a German person? Nooooo! Has she ever stayed with a kind German family? Nooooo! Does she even know what she's talking about? Noooo! Is she right? Hell nooooo!!!

God, I hate people like Matt. GAGH!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


And it was a really good post, too!

I can't even remember what I wrote! And now Hannah has lost her VERY FIRST POST too! Blogger, you are going to pay, yes you are, yes you are!!!

stupidstupidstupid Internet and computers. GAGH GAGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, it was basically a rant about Ringwraith Martin, and Hannah having a blog, and saying that the new guys in 9B is going around with Owain and crew, so he's bound to be influenced by their stupid and shallow-minded brains.

Hmph. BLOGGER, YOU ARE DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



MY EXTRA EXTRA LONG POST GOT LOST! NONOONONO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


DAMN YOU BLOGGER, DAMN YOOOOOOOUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 04, 2005

D.T dynamics.

Am writing this in D.T. Ho-hum. I haven't looked, but I expect that Sam is probably reading over my shoulder, and then Martin and Bean will join in and then they will laugh at me and make those noises like Ringwraiths again. Things happen in routine around here.

Ah, whaddya know, Martin has started reciting it in a squeaky voice. How hilariously funny. Hahahahahahahahaha. And apologies to Sam for assuming. :-)

Hannah is selling Lemonade on my right, and doing surprisingly well. I tried that game and didn't make any money. It's almost half three, but i have to stay for another TWO HOURS for a Mary Poppins rehearsal. They keep on missing out my only line!

Sam is now peering over Hannah's shoulder, and I am startting to feel hungry. This post is boooooring, I know, but I am in a bad mood right now. With Amy especially. She was mean. And Martin is getting on my nerves, but that's nothing new.

Martin, SOD OFF!!!!

He really does sound like a Ringwraith. He doesn't even know what they are. Idiot. No, I will NOT shut up, idiot!

Martin is now begging for a floppy disc. This is where his vincdictiveness lets him down because no one will lend him one because he is nasty to them, which he faltly denies. Double idiots.

Anyway, must go now. Death to Martin!

Amy......you are nasty.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Seventh Heaven

Yet another good day. I went into town again, but sadly didn't see any madness at all. Pity, really. Also couldn't buy my usual lunch because the sausage roll shop was shut. grrgrrgrr however I had another heavenly thing to add to my heavenly things.


I have never tasted ANY biscuit like that in my life! Thick and slightly soft with big choc chips embedded in it....all for £1.20! It was brilliant. I met Katie and Helen by chance near Virgin and showed them it. Katie literally started drooling, so I gave her a bit. I can just imagine the adverts now:

Voice: This is not just a cookie. This is a...hey!
Ros & Katie: (Mouths full) Sorry!

Also bought Hannah a birthday present which I am sure she will love and cherish. Well, she'd better. Otherwise I will have wasted my money, which would have been drastic because my funds are low at the moment. I am confused about the Harry Potter book. I gave the lady a pound and wrote down my name and address for her, and I don't know what happens next. Do I go back? Or do they send it for me?


Ah well. Found two truly brilliant posters in Athena today. One Lord of the Rings one with just Viggo Mortensen *drool*, and one of a big dalek. Wa-hey! *sniff* I miss Doctor Who still. I've downloaded a screen saver from the website, saying how many months, days, hours, minutes and seconds till the Xmas invasion.

This is counting down to December 25th, but it's not certain because it might not be on that day, no one knows. I cant WAIT!

Getting bored now. Will leave. Farewell, blogmeisters. Angen Onsen, still waiting...

Saturday, July 02, 2005


In the course of today, I have seen the following weird things:

  • A toilet standing alone in someone's front garden.
  • Two boys who looked about six, who had broken voices. (Creepy!)
  • A couple having a conversation about fluffy socks.
  • Six women spending fifteen minutes giving me a phone top-up, because the till had broken.
  • My brother out of bed before nine o'clock.

Sacré bleu! Cheltenham is a crazy place. That's why I looooove it! I have also achieved these things today:

  • I have made one of my sims fall in love.
  • I have created a new family.
  • I have got lost in Cavendish House.
  • I have caught my ankle in the laptop lead and tripped over.
  • I have...um....watched Live 8?

All in all, quite a productive day. Getting lost in Cavendish House was terrifying, and I mean very. It's bloody huge! It was exactly like the time I was doing a paper round. I didn't get lost, but I was looking for number 24. I searched all the way up and down the street, and when it wasn't at the top I turned the corner, thinking it must be up there.

But all I found was 23A...23B...23C...D...E...F...G...it was a nightmare. And I was only rescued by the Cavendish nightmare by my wondeful mother who managed to rescue me from the suffocating pot-pan-clothing-bedsheet hell.



Have just been thinking about Amy and *ahem* Trevor. She should jump the band wagon and just ASK HIM OUT! And even if things were awkward if he refused (IF, you see Miss Hughes! It's never WHEN!) then so what? The awkwardness will go away! It did when I...ahem. We'll not go into that embarassing area of Ros' life.


Ros' dating resumé has NOT been a success. And before you say, I don't WANT to have a boyfriend to become a Pate's plastic, because NO WAY WILL I EVER BE A PLASTIC!!! (Although many of them are nice to me :-) )

I'd just...like the....experience, y'know? Egad, I am getting into the personal stuff now. Eep. But nobody will EVER know the object of my affections. EVER EVER EVER EVER!!!!!!!!

(Although they know about The Heavenly David Tennant and The Brilliant Viggo Mortensen.

And Hannah, I'm a hypocrite, I ADMIT IT FREELY!

Is this long enough? It's taken me ages to type. Fuss-pot Amy wants a big long on so I'm slaving away to satisfy her needs. YOU WILL NEVER CRUSH MY SPIRIT, BERCANAN-HUGHES!

*yet another gasp*

The frozen kipper is on holiday in Antiga. Lucky. Although my spectacularly wonderful mother is taking me (not for definite but it almost is) TO AMSTERDAM!

Hurrah! I have wanted to go there for years! I wanna see the Anne Frank House. It'd probably make me cry.

Films that make me cry:

  • Vanilla Sky - gets me blubbing like crazy every time I watch it.
  • Titanic - understandable really.
  • Anne Frank: The Real story - I only cry right at the very end, when it says everything that happened to everyone, with the really sad music. And the last bit is a shot of Anne Frank smiling on a train, then the image fades and on the screen it says, "Over a million children were murdered in the genocide the Nazis called the Final Solution." then that fades and the next text says, "Anne Frank's story is only one of them."


Makes me feel very superficial about the Doctor Who business.

Books that make me cry:

  • The Shadow in the North - cos Fred dies just after Sally and him finally admit that they love each other, and she has his baby and he never knows about it.
  • Noughts and Crosses - partly for the same reason, except Callum knew about the baby, and when he was hung he was screaming "I love you Callum!" Then he says, "Sephy, I lo..."

Anyway, must go and cry at the memories. Checkmate out in August. Let's hope it's less crap than Knife Edge. I hate Jude, I hate him!

Please comment!

Oh, and Angen Onsen? I'm looking forward to hearing your excuse.

Friday, July 01, 2005

This is not just a post...

Have been telling people the wonders of the M & S food adverts. You know the ones; "this is not just a cake, this is a mouth-watering, chocolate filled, nightmare-for-a-dieter cake. This is not just a burger..." etc. Yum yum yum! My stomach just gave a massive rumble. Break soon, yaydelly!

A message from Tash:

"Once and for all, I do not love Jack!"

I have been annoying her by calling her "Jack-lover". hehehe.

Hungryhungry. If I were a sim I'd be heading towards the fridge by now. Or I'd go and juggle bottles. If I could juggle. Hmph.

A message from Kat:

"Barney is a dinosaur from your imagination!"

Chloe says:

"When in doubt, faint."

This is not just a post. This is a rich, fruitful, humerous, opinion-filled, wonderful post. And it yours. Just go to http://bestybesty.blogspot.com

Hunger levels going mad at this moment in time. Have just finished my Chemistry and am doing this. The people around me are doing personality tests on the beeb science website. Apparantly I am half-likely to commit adultery, and I got 17/20 on the fake smiles test. Proved Diana wrong!

Matt is playing Sonic. Scientific (!)

Anyway, must go and view what I have written down. Watch out for the burgers, cakes, vegetables and the Oakham chicken!