Wild and Wandering Thoughts of a frizz-laden loon

Monday, January 01, 2007

Well, how do to anyone who may wing their way over here from time to time, and a happy new year to all! I am at my lonerised post at home, having no parties to go to, and having friends who are all busy, so cannot come over and gorge on Ben & Jerry's and watch scary films, etc.


Three immediate points:
  • I may be in the minority here, but they should not have killed Saddam Hussein. I know he has committed horrible atrocities against his own people, that I'm not denying, but hanging him was just a display of pure hypocrisy. There again, I suppose I can't judge; if it was my own family members who had been killed on his orders, I may have been cheering when the noose was put around his neck. But in all fairness; George Bush (and Blair) have sent thousands of troops to their death in a war that was based on a lie, that was grossly underestimated and unplanned (probably Donald Rumsfeld's fault) and is nowhere near over. They accused Saddam of "crimes against humanity"...but how is Bush any different from him?

  • On a cheerier note, Christmas was fun. Well, ultimately it was fun. I completely hated the build up because the Christmas spirit has officially left me. I've finally matured and realised that the whole thing is media stunt. All of it. It doesn't mean anything anymore, and there is no point to it. Well, not much of one. However, I did manage to feel better about it by doing carol singing and bag-packing for charity, which restores some meaning into the whole thing. And Christmas Day was fun; the usual over-eating, over-drinking, and over-TVing as usual. And...

  • Doctor Who; overblown script, dialogue, general overacting, both stupid and clever jokes, huge sets being destroyed, mad plot, CGI all over the place. Oh, and a TARDIS chase across a motorway. Long story short; BRILLIANT! Absolutely loved it; everything a Doctor Who special should be. Except Catherine Tate, who I personally...well, I don't despise her, but I fail to grasp her appeal. And David Tennant was hot, of course. And...THE DALEKS! THEY'RE BACK! AGAIN! (According to the bit in the preview, anyway.) What on earth are they going to say this time???

Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about 2006. What's happened to me?

  • I've experienced the hugest, most intense crush on any person, ever. And I mean intense! No one really believes me when I say that, but it's true. Thankfully it's over now; I'm just friends with the guy, but hell, that was an emotional, and horrible, few months.

  • I once again had a foreign visitor in the shape of Ann-Kathrin, who is a lovely girl (who I shamelessly haven't kept in touch with. There again, neither has she.) I hit pot luck on the German exchange; somehow we seemed to be the only exchange partners who got on with each other. I hope she had a good time, anyway, and hopefully she'll come along in March (though she sadly cannot stay with me again).

  • After completing a successful Grade 4 piano exam, I finally let go of piano lessons, and moved on to Tae Kwon Do. Which has been *brilliant*, although it is definitely the most physically enduring thing I've ever done. It's worth it, trust me!

  • Went out of Europe for the first time ever, to Cuba, in April. I have no room to describe how wonderful that was.

  • Did my first GCSEs; achieved an A* and an A which, needless to say, pleased me very much.

  • Went through a disastrous and horrible first term in Year 11, which culminated in my Mock GCSEs, which were worth the crapness. Except the Science ones...but I hate Science, so no [huge] biggie.

There were probably more important things about 2006 (for instance, my three-year music teacher being sent to jail for two and a half years for alleged pupil-fiddling and prostitution – just search on The Times website, and you’ll find him), but it's half past one and I'm half-listening to music...oh, there was one little thing...

Oho, you knew it was coming! Only a matter of time! Yes; on March 13th of this year, I went to the cinema and watched a little film called Brokeback Mountain, which has taken over my brain ever since I saw it. The most moving, emotional, and genius film I have ever seen, and it affected me more than I ever thought possible. So much so that I became very vocal about it, which I kind of regret; because now everyone, and I mean *everyone*, is sick of it. Anyway, as a consequence, I discovered that there is a young man out there called Jake Gyllenhaal, who is gorgeous beyond belief and a VERY good actor. So, hurrah. (I had already heard of Heath Ledger, though I discovered quite how good he was, too.)

So, yes; a lot of things have happened this year. But I think I will remember this as the year I grew up. Either that, or it was the year that I realised that I have been disillusioned by the entire world, and all its morals, codes and practises. There were hints of it this time last year, when I first watched Fahrenheit 9/11, but now it has hit me full-blown. I've grown up (albeit not fully), but pretty much so. Sorry, I'm not describing this well; Willie Nelson is singing into my ear.

Anyway, I suppose it has been a good year. An eventful one, at least; I am extremely freaked out that NOW, doing GCSEs and approaching sixteen, is the time I always about when I was a kid. That time...is NOW. I find that so hard to swallow. It seems hardly any time at all since I was a (VERY annoying) little pipsqueak Year Seven, who was underneath everyone. Now...I am an "older one". Me! It defies belief. When you're the youngest in the family, it takes some getting used to.

Right, I had better get this mammoth of a post over with. Thank you to all those people who have been awesome this year; I have made a bunch of new friends, and reconnected with some old ones. And thanks to all the people I haven't met; anyone who worked on Brokeback Mountain, Michael Moore, Marie, Lisa, the cast of Scrubs and Doctor Who, anyone. Even if they don't know you exist, I think it's worth thanking them for reaching you. Especially if they're tasty.

(I think it's inherently obvious I was talking about Jake Gyllenhaal there; as much as I respect Michael Moore...I'm not going there.)

Anyway, happy new year, and I hope you read all that; it took me long enough to write. I can't promise I'll post regularly, but I promise I'll be back. If anyone cares/reads.

Rosby out. Roll on 2007.