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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

And so that strange, erratic old thing (life) goes on; I get a haircut (although it doesn't look all that different), do mountains of homework (I hate Maths I hate it I hate it I hate it), dine with Mum, Joe, and yet another new girlfriend, and now I am upstairs describing all this fascinating information to you.

I love Scrubs. My absolute favourite extract (between Elliot (girl) who speaks first, and the janitor):

"Thanks again for helping me look for Carla."
"No problem. I'll check the dumpster."
"Um...we're not looking for dead Carla."
"That's right, hon. You stay optimistic."

(Standing on Turk's shoulders, wearing a huge coat.)
JD: Roll up, roll up, come to Sacred Heart and see the world's largest doctor! Don't be afraid; I'm just like you!
(Turk throws him off.)
Turk: OK, now it's might turn to go on your shoulders.
JD: (Warningly) Turk, remember what happened when we played Big Black Doctor? People ran.

*hysteria just thinking about it*

I really, REALLY miss Scrubs. You may not have heard me go on about it till now; but it is my favourite show!!!! after Doctor Who, obviously.

Rose: Look, you can't just go swanning off!
Doctor: Yes I can, look, this is me swanning off. See ya!

Rose: My Mum's cooking.
Doctor: Good! Put her on a slow heat and let her simmer.

Jackie: I want to get to know this Doctor bloke! I thought I could do Shepherd's Pie...
Rose: Wow...
Jackie: What?
Rose: He's finally met his match.


Anyway, interesting day, especially lunchtime. By the end of it I was in a complete state; it took all of my will to get up and go and get the register. Whcih wasn't because I was exhausted, I was just sort of...emotionally drained. Putting it heavily.

He kissed my hand! Well, nearly. It was a bit confusing. Poo.

The woman of your dreams may be dreaming of you.

Bloody pop-ups. I can't get rid of them; 'tis very annoying.

We started a new poet today; Simon Armitage. And JUST when I thought we might have a subject other than psychopathic killes, guess what? We do a poem about a man who kills a hitcher and throws him out of his car, and watches him bounce down the pavement and down into a ditch.

Although saying that, all my poems seem to be about tradgedy and death. I can't seem to write anything else. I wrote a couple of ones about love but deleted them because they were deemed to be too embarassing.

Oh, and update:

"I am just going to grab her, knock her out with a baseball bat, and stuff her in the piano, with no food or water. And with a pirahna. A NON-VEGETARIAN pirahna!"

As described at lunchtime. I am talking of course, about Becky; the most horrible, bitchy girl ever to have lived, who is now taking it upon herself to say mercilessly nasty things about my friends behind their backs.


Sharp clack on shiny wooden floor,
Heels gliding towards the door.
"Who could ask for more?
We're here."

Black mascara, lips savage blood red,
Rucksacks? Oh no - they have handbags instead.
"Just the sight of us should fill you with dread!
We're here."

Blazers? None. Skirts? Very high.
Staring at me with a despondent sigh.
"If I were like you I'd want to die!
We're here."

Soon met with another army; The Boys.
Dressed to charm and fall for their ploys.
"We don't love them - they're just our toys!
We're here."

And whispers, like little fires breaking free;
Rumours, insults, giggling, looks...is it me?
"We're something you could never be.
We're here."

And so it goes on, and the numbers rise;
More people to weep over and despise.
"We'll be the cause of your demise!
We're here."

You believe in malice, manipulation, greed.
And I will NEVER become one of your creed.
What I have is all I'll ever need.
I'm here.

Doesn't EXACTLY cover the essence of the plastics...but there are bits.

And as much as I do not like this poem, I have to admit that a couple of the last few lines have particular relevance:

Are flowers the winter's choice?
Is love's bed always snow?

Apart from that I don't agree with it at all. Love at first sight? Come on. Anyway, had better go before my eyes dissolve. Ciao! Comment!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Well, no matter what you football sceptics say, I think we did EXCELLENTLY today. Think about it; we played a team that are three leagues above us, and we played really well! Well done Cheltenham.

Unfortunately, we didn't win. But there again, it wasn't very likely. Still, the second Newcastle was BLATANTLY offside. But the referee was looking the other way, probably by accident, but you never know...

Anyway, it was an absolutely fantastic atmosphere when me and Dad got there; everyone selling flags and scarfs and stuff. We wasted a bit of time looking around at the TV crews and the cameras on the massive cranes. It was dead exciting. Dad and me had our picture taken by a photographer from the Echo, and Dad was interviewed. Those Cheltenham folks reading, watch out for it!

We went in, and I tell you, it was mania in there. It was completely full of manic Cheltenham fans with wigs, balloons, you name it. It was literally buzzing. I was loving it!

Well, much later, both teams came out, and from there it's history. But, the ball was in our half practically ALL the time! We did brilliantly. So I'm glad I went, definitely! Experience of a lifetime; I got to see (and boo and shout "Who's the geordie up the front?") Shearer, right up close! And it was quite an experience to see all the cameras on the roof and seeing the commentators.

So, woooooo! Just a pity we didn't manage to score.

Very good day. Unfortunately, seeing as I've been out all day, I have a ton of homework to do tomorrow. Look at Tash's blog to see. And just a note, Tash, isn't a bit less brain-melting to spread it out a bit?

(I don't think Tash likes me very much at the moment - we have conflicts in interest involving David Tennant and celebrity big brother.)

And speaking of which - IT'S OVER!!!! Hurrah! Back to normality! Although saying that, it won't be long before the regular one comes back, with its selection of overacting, posey, purposely-chosen-to-clash people.

And according to Tash, a non "celebrity" (or has-been or wannabe, if you want to be accurate) won it. ...how is that possible?

Oooo, headache. I've been on the computer too long.

Why should I try to sound like y'all sound?
That's what's wrong with the rap game right now!
Why should I try to flow the way y'all flow
And do a show like y'all show?

Now it's Will Smith (excellent singer/rapper - excellent) who is tapping into my mind. Gorgeous man, I might add.

As I mentioned to someone the other day, the gulf between us (Tash, Kat, me, Diana, Chloe etc) and them (Hannah, Lucy, Emily etc) is really starting to noticably widen. Shown by the form room layout; them on one side, us on the other.

It's sad. We all started equal in Year seven, now we're all dividing.

And while we're on the subject, I HATE LAURA! AND BECKY!

Whew, got that out of my system. I swear, I'm not sure which one of them I hate more. They're just so...eurgghhhh. Always picking on people because they're different (different meaning we don't wear their own weight in mascara and wear short skirts and flirt with every male on this planet that draws breath.) And being all obnoxious and lordy and...*shudder*

And it's the same with the boys. They say, (well in Biology anyway) that we are at the age where "hormones go crazy" and apparently we're supposed to be even more attracted to the opposite sex. But any sane girl in my year, who has seen the bloody boys in our year, must realise that...well, that they're WANKERS. And SOMEHOW THEY MANAGE TO FORM RELATIONSHIPS!

It is illogical beyond words! I mean, example, who in their right mind would fancy CHRIS? And, OWAIN? They're both horrible, mean, piggish pricks!

Out of about 70 boys in the year, there are about, I don't know...10 nice ones? And not nice as in fanciable, nice as in friendly and genuine and not nasty to people for no reason.

OK, maybe I'm biased, but I know of many who support my opinion. Unfortunately, they do not outnumber the number of people who do not. It's frustrating. Very.

Go feminism!

I should REALLY go now. Consider what I've said. Please.

Rosby out.

Just a quick note before I leave for Whaddon Road; BBC 1. 12:30. Watch it, it'll be amazing! Me and Dad are at the front so if I find myself facing a camera I'll wave.


Will post later with match report.


Friday, January 27, 2006

OK, continuing the chain. I found it on Marie's blog; not quite sure what "tagging" is but meh, I can improvise.

Seven things to do before I die.
1. Meet David Tennant
2. Be the next assistant to David Tennant
3. Become fluent in German
4. Pass my GCSEs
5. Discover the meaning of life
7. Ssshhhh...not telling...

Seven things I cannot do.
1. Biology
2. Physics
3. Judge how much pasta is too much
4. Meet David Tennant (well, I can't do it easily, anyway)
5. Cook anything without cocking it up.
6. Convince anyone to stop watching Big Brother
7. Think of a seventh thing. (I'm sure there are plenty more.)

Seven things that attract me to...not David Tennant, um...Viggo Mortensen!
1. He is gorgeous
2. He is brave
3. He is charming
4. He can sword fight
5. He can sword fight AND be sexy at the same time.
6. Very clever.
7. He can ride horses.

(Hmm - I think I wrote about just Aragorn there. Ah well.)

Seven things I say (too much).
1. I'm going to kill/strangle/slaughter you!
3. Richtig...
4. Oh God, shoot me now.
5. Mitchell, shut it!!!
6. It was HILARIOUS.
7. David Tennant...! (you can add that to almost every sentence I say David Tennant. See?)

Seven books that I love.
1. The Time Traveler's Wife
2. Noughts and Crosses
3. The Kite Runner
4. The Shadow in the North
5. The Tiger in the Well
6. The Ruby in the Smoke
7. Round Ireland with a fridge

Seven movies that I’ve loved.
1. Team America
2. Vanilla Sky
3. Wallace and Gromit in the curse of the were-rabbit
4. Scream
5. Lord of the Rings
6. The Mummy
7. Pirates of the Carribean

Seven people to tag.
I'm not entirely sure how this works...do I put Marie or not? It would seem that I don't.

Tash, Kat, Sophie, Lisa, Monty, Elizabeth and Janine

Wasn't entirely sure of the point in that, but hey, Marie mentioned me for the first time ever, so why not?


Can't talk now; have to do maths. (Shoot me now...) Will DEFINITELY report tomorrow on the big match. Byeeee!


Saturday, January 21, 2006

P.S David Tennant! TV! Tonight! Think of me.

Oh, and Marie. And possibly Lisa. And pencil_sharpner, if indeed she is a real person.

(Read the previous post if you find this; it has poems in it!)

Right, have deleted the previous post because it was boring beyond words and no one (save for Sally, who only visits my blog occasionally) commented.

Is it normal to have a huge crush on someone then BAM, switch to someone else? Because that is what has happened to me; it's slightly odd.

Snore-worthy day today, going into die Stadt to find a job, didn't manage to talk to anybody because all the shops/cafes etc had massive queues. Grrrr....*shakes fist*

Really, really want to start writing poems now. We've just done this really brilliant poem in English by Carol Ann Duffy; I'm so bloody bored that I'll type it out. Ms Reid read it to us:

Education for Leisure

Today I am going to kill something. Anything.
I have had enough of being ignored and today
I am going to play God. It is an ordinary day,
a sort of grey with boredom stirring in the streets.

I squash a fly against the window with my thumb.
We did that at school. Shakespeare. It was in
another language and now the fly is in another language.
I breathe out talent on the glass to write my name.

I am a genius. I could be anything at all, with half
the chance. But today I am going to change the world.
Something's world. The cat avoids me. The cat
knows I am a genius and has hidden itself.

I pour the goldfish down the bog. I pull the chain.
I see that it is good. The budgie is panicking.
Once a fortnight, I walk the two miles into town
for signing on. They don't appreciate my autograph.

There is nothing left to kill. I dial the radio
and tell the man he's talking to a superstar.
He cuts me off. I get our bread-knife and go out.
The pavements glitter suddenly. I touch your arm.

And that last line, it may not sound scary, but when Ms Reid read it I was quivering. It is such a creepy ending!

Poetry is dismal. So far we have done the following:

  • La Bell Dame sans merci - About a man who wastes away because he wakes up to find his lover has gone.
  • Ballad - The same thing, except it's a woman who is wasting away. Dismal in the extreme.
  • My Last Duchess - A duke who has his wife killed for not treating him the way he wants.
  • Porphyria's Lover - A man strangles his lover Porphyria with her own hair to "keep hold of the moment". Really creepy.
  • Stealing - A disturbed teenager who steals snowmen.
  • Havisham - The backstory of Miss Havisham from Great Expectations (a woman who goes mad when she is jilted)
  • Education for Leisure

See what I mean? All of them miserable. And all the poets seem to be either depressive, or die young as well; Keats, Browning, Sylvia Plath etc.

Hmm, idea sprouting:

Along the empty streets I glide;
The town is war-torn, broken, awash with false memories.
There is the church where Bernie and me would have married
If I'd said yes.
Over crumbling bridges, damp pavements
Littered with bottles.
There is the park where Bernie would have proposed
If I'd have said yes.
The grass has gone, leaving mud in its place.
The town is silent; newspapers flutter in the breeze.
There is the restuarant where we would have first dated
If I'd have said yes.
The cold wind, bitter, stinging my cheeks.
As I stand outside a rusty, locked gate.
Here is the school where we would have first kissed
If I'd have said yes.
An empty playground, devoid of laughing children.
Litter fluttering in the wind.
Here is where Bernie first asked me out.
I didn't say yes.
Over the tarmac, behind the bike sheds.
Only rusty contraptions remain.
Here is where Bernie wouldn't have stabbed me
If I'd have said yes.

Hmm, it's not brilliant, is it? Still, not bad for a first try, hopefully. Or not. Plenty of time to improve.

She sits alone, her face a mask.
She listens to the rustling of the trees.
Fingers gently stroking the green rug on which she sits.
Thinking of the man who once sat with her.
Tasting imaginary strawberries fed by the invisible hands of a lover.
The lady in red, who took his hand and pulled him away.
They never came back.
It is cold, but still she is sitting, watch ticking.
He wasn't a fool. He return to her before the leaves had changed.

*Sceptical* I think I've been reading the Time Traveler's Wife too much.


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

*hyperness building*

*hyperness building*

*hyperness ready to be unleashed*

*OK, here we go...*

WE WON!!! WE WON!!! WE WON!!! WE WON!!! WE WON!!! WE WON!!! WE WON!!! WE WON!!! WE WON!!! WE WON!!! WE WON!!! WE WON!!! WE WON!!! WE WON!!! WE WON!!! WE WON!!! WE WON!!! WE WON!!! WE WON!!! WE WON!!! WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Never before have I been to such a tense game. Every time the ball went up the other end (me and Dad were standing behind one goal, with the rest of the die-hard supporters) I hid my head behind Dad's shoulder and moaned, "No...don't score now....!"

But it was done; it was tense, we won! (ooo, that rhymes!) You should have seen the Cheltenham supporters; they went completely mental! Jumping up and down, clapping, chanting, dancing, the works! (Except for running onto the pitch where the rest of the team were celebrating.)

Johnny Ward's red and white army!
Johnny Ward's red and white army!

So it was definitely worth going, overpassing the fact that I arrived home at one o'clock in the morning and had to get up at seven. Still, I feel chipper now, despite this being the dreaded "day from hell" on my timetable. It's been completely boring so far, and it's gonna get worse with the uber fuhrer Frau Jeanes at the helm. Shoot me now.

Random Memory: Taking Sergei and Viktor home. They'd been staying with us for two weeks, but their (and all the other kids') holidays were up, so we took them to the airport on a coach, led them through the luggage thingy, then they had to go to the departure lounge. And I hugged both of them and started crying (as did most of the others - Russian and English alike). Then they turned the corner and I haven't seen them since then.

It's surprising how close you can get to two boys who you only know for two weeks, and son't speak any English. I keep on hoping they'll come back for another holiday (it sometimes happens) but I don't suppose they will.

13:59 says the computer clock...computer room is closing soon.


"Look at these human beings. Consider their potential. From the day that they are born, and blinking, step in to the sun; there is more to see that can be seen, more to do than...hold on...no, that's the Lion King, but the point still stands! Leave them alone!"

"You'll stand as this world's champion?"
"Sure. I have no idea who I am but you just summed me up."

(This is an approximation; I can't remember exactly what he said):

"Am I...funny? Cheeky? Sexy? Am I an old misery, life and soul, a coward, a killer, a fighter...well, judging from the evidence I've certainly got a gob!"

Delivered in a brilliant way.

Hmm, Secret Smile quotes....ooh...

"While I was making the announcement I was looking at your mouth."
"Well, it's beautiful. I was just thinking...I came in that mouth."

Which, if you see it, truly shows that David Tennant can play anything, including a perverted psycho. Pity about Kate Ashfield, though. Anyway, I'm off. "Bring on the Geordies!" I'll let you know when the match is so you cand rop everything and rush to watch it on BBC 1. If I find myself facing a camera I'll stick my tongue out.


Monday, January 16, 2006



Dammit, crap and bollocks all to hell, Torchwood is going to be on BBC 3! SCREW IT!!! What about us other Who-fanatics who think John Barrowman is gorgeous but don't get BB3? NOT FAIR, NOT FAIR, NOT FAIR.

Anyway, according to Hannah, the radio this morning that a vote had been done for the sexiest men on the planet, or something, and David Tennant won!

I'm dubious. Very. HE IS MINE!!!


Drama next, wahoooooooooooo!!! Actingactingandmoreacting.

Urp, had better go. My computer (at school) keeps periodically crashing. May post later - in between the homework and the toast. And I'm being forced to make dinner tonight, despite the fact that I CANNOT COOK.



Saturday, January 14, 2006

"She said she heard all the stories about your death, but never believed them. Does that sound like her? And she never stopped looking; she would have wanted you to know that, sir. She never stopped looking for you. She'd never forget, because she'd never stop loving you. That sounds like her, doesn't it? And she's coming now, she's running. She's coming to be with you."

I challenge you to watch that and not start crying. You'll never manage it; guaranteed! I was in helpless tears (don't mind admitting it) when Edith said "She's running." And it's especially touching on laptop, right up close, because the actors are so good (and before you say, I'm not Tennant-gushing; he wasn't even in this scene) that you can feel the sadness and intensity.

And after she says that, he whispers, a smile on his face, "Henriette...". Then he dies, and she whispers (crying), "She's here."

Doesn't really make much sense unless you watch it.

Anyway, moving on: Damn, bollocks and crap in excelis, we lost! Again! And again, we came SO BLOODY CLOSE!! God, it was annoying. And the Rovers fans were so COCKY it was sickening; some of them even ran onto the pitch (and were subsequently dragged off by stewards and probably arrested).

So yes; not a brilliant experience walking home, amidst the cheering and singing of LOTS of raucous Rovers fans. Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!

And apologies for the previous depressing post; I may delete it, possibly. I felt like that even more on Friday (the thirteenth, speaks for itself), which was not helped by Mrs Jeanes, who, despite everyone (and I supppose they're right) saying it was a one off etc, I now officially completely hate.

I mean; the point in teachers is that if you struggle they're supposed to help you, encourage you and so on, not basically tell the class that you're thick. So thank you Mrs Jeanes, total bitch, really raised my self-esteem with that comment. Thanks.

Useless, annoying feeling lasted whole day; remedied by Mum making chicken and mushroom pie (absolutely fan-diddly-bloody-tastic) and me, her and Dad talking about teachers, professions, time travel, and singing Beatles songs. Then I watched Xmas Invasion/Dr Who.

Today I feel better though; have realised that...hmm...well, I'm not really sure what I've realised, but I know that the reason I'm moping is NOT WORTH IT. So I'm not going to bother.

Oh, Casanova...oh gorgeous one...

I remember my first ever viewing of Casanova; it was when I first noticed that David Tennant is eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! And it was less than a year ago! Sometimes time goes dead slowly.


Thursday, January 12, 2006

Each time I turn around
There's nothing there at all.
So tell me why I feel like
I'm up against a wall?
But maybe it's a false alarm,
And every answer sounds the same;
Just colours bleeding into one
That hasn't got a name.
Maybe I can't see.
Or maybe it's just me.

How talented is KT Tunstall? Whichever of her songs I flick to always seems to tap into my mood. That comes from her song 'False Alarm', and it rather describes my state of mind at the moment. Sort of. Except I'm not being persued by invisible people or anything. Another very accurate song is 'Stoppin' the Love':

You've got me looking up
Even when I'm falling down;
You've got me crawling out of my skin.
You've got me wondering why
I am underneath this
Big old sky;
Stoppin' the loving getting in.

As you can probably tell, I have been struck by deep, personal...well, I don't suppose it's anguish, but it's very unsettling. And KT Tunstall, the genius that she is, has managed, inadvertantly, to capture it. Weird.

I've had it most of the day. There has been something that has triggered it; but for reasons of privacy I am NOT revealing what. This blog has been known to fall into the wrong hands (Chris - prime example) and if they read why I would be taunted mercilessly.

Bloody pig. As I commented to someone today: "I hate more than I hate everything else in the whole world. Combined!" He is a conniving, cheating, lying, perverted, smarmy bastard, and for some reason he gets away with it; manages to charm more people. God, I just want to grab his head and stick it in pirahna-infested water.

So anyway, yeah, personal "semi-anguish". There's not really not point in writing about if I'm going to hide certain facts, but I just have to get it out. This is why I like blogging; gets rid of all the pent-up frustrations. Such as the "screw it"s of the previous posts.

Well, it's 9:15pm. Have just watched the second episode of Casanova; and bugger me if I didn't start crying at the end; and it wasn't even the megamegamega sad ending of the third episode! I must be going soft...er.

Casanova, Rocko and Jack are in England, and as they walk through they pass Henriette, but none of them were looking, so he only realises until afterwards. Then he starts running back, shouting her name. He doesn't find her at first; then he looks towards the water, and sees her clearly, on the deck of a ship that is sailing away.

And (this is what got me blubbing) he puts his hands over his heart and then spreads them to her. She does the same, with a very sad smile. It's so sad...he gets so close, but he's too late.

And Dr Who disc 1 has given up the ghost. GAGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! nonono!!!!

Odd; I am strangely calm. Am I feeling all right?

Easy question? Easy answer: not in the least. Evidently I don't hide it well; as I was coming out after Games, Tash, Kat and Chloe say, "Hi Ros!" and I wave back and say "Hi." in return. Kat takes one look at me, then turns to Tash and says "She's depressed."

Hmm, quite scary. Obviously they know me better than I realised.

Right...running out of things to type, but I want to keep going. Soon I will finish it, publish it, and (hopefully) someone will comment; whether it be Kat with anti-Tennant statements (blasphemy!) or Sophie with hyperness.

She was HILARIOUS on the bus; despite my pathetic state she managed to make me laugh strenuously. Possum!

*rubs eyes*

Oooo, this can't be good for my eyes, at all. That'll make me AND Grant the ones that go blind in later life. I should really finish before I get a migraine.

K9, Sarah Jayne Smith (who exactly is she?), cat women, Anthony Head with a weird haircut, the Doctor blowing on something, the face of Boe, Queen Victoria, creepy monsters, Rose kissing the Doctor (lucky cow), and the CYBERMEN. Lots to look forward to.

Although, watching it back, when Tennant says: "May I introduce her majesty, Queen Victoria?" he speaks in a blatant SCOTTISH ACCENT. Hmm...dubious. It won't give him much acclaim if he randomly changes from English to Scottish for no reason. Still, all we can do is wait.

"Am I...ginger?"
"No, just...sort of brown."
"Aw, I wanted to be ginger!"

"Mickey! Hello! And Harriet Jones, MP for Flydale North! Blimey, it's like 'This is your Life'!"

"And Rose Tyler; fat lot of good you were, you gave up on me! Oooh, that's rude. Is that I am now? Rude and not ginger?"

But the "I DON'T KNOOOWWWW!" moment remains the best. Christopher E would never do that in a million years.

And one final note: Why on earth did Doctor ask, "Am I sexy?" Isn't it perfectly obvious that the answer is, "IS PIG POO SMELLY?????"

Better go before my eyes dissolve. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow and I can delete all this self-pity crap. Just letting out the feeling, dudes. Blogs are not, (as Diana put it) "Things that people set up in the vain hope that someone with no life will be interested."

What does she know? She has no idea.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006



SCREW IT!!!!!!!!

They're adapting The Ruby in the Smoke for telly, DAMMIT. Not that that's not a good idea, it's just I had that idea and was going to write a screeplay for it (I was considering it as a career) and what does the BBC do? Beats me to it. DARN!!!!!

I know it's a silly thing to fuss over, but I WANTED TO DO IT!!!!! Grrrrr....

They say Billie Piper will play Sally Lockhart. I do not agree with that, either. Billie's, what, twenty something? Sally Lockhart is supposed to be sixteen! And, that means, that with her in it, and if they do The Shadow in the North (one of my all-time fave books) as well, DAVID TENNANT WILL NEVER BE CAST AS ALISTAIR MACKINNON!!!!

And I think he would be EXCELLENT in that role, and not just because he's David Tennant, or just because he's Scottish. So Damn it all to hell, screw it and GRRRRRRRRRRR. My plan is ruined!!!

...I'm sorry, I am actually rather angry about this. I mean, couldn't they do the Northern Lights ones instead? They are the more famous ones after all.

Oh hell, I'm going to lament.

Monday, January 09, 2006

The internet is back, hurrah!!!!!

Disc one of my Dr Who boxset has stopped working!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

HILARIOUS exchange today. We were in a very boring history lesson with a very boring student teacher, and me and Katherine were in completely eccentric moods. Question 1 on the board was "For what reasons did the Schlieffen Plan fail?" I answered it perfectly: "Creme Fresche, creme brulee, brown bread, teacakes, fish and tomato sauce."

Then later on I turned round to Emily and said "You know, during the war, when they ran out of bullets for the guns, they loaded them with teacakes and fired them at the enemy?"

Emily's response was to say in an (genuinely) amazed voice, "Really? *pause* Wait, hang on..."

SHE BELIEVED ME!!!! God, it was so funny, I collapsed in a heap onto my desk, hysterical with laughter. She actually believed me!!! Emily is the most gullible person on the entire earth. When I asked her why she believed me, she said innocently, "Well, it's a sensible idea..."

At which Kat and me just lost it; we just abandoned our work completely and went paralytic with laughter. God, it was fun. And even at the end of the day, Emily kept asking people about the teacake theory.

In PE we had fitness training - which speaks for itself. Shoot me now.

Maths - uneventful.

Spent lunchtime with Tash and Kat in the music block, either:

  • Posing for pictures on Kat/Tash's phones.
  • Taking pictures on Tash's phone.
  • Taking videos on Tash's phone.
  • Talking of meloncholy things.
  • Listening to my mp3 player on full volume and dancing, while the demon twins plotted against me.
  • And occasionally, playing the piano.

English - I found this book in the library called 'The Kite Runner'. Mum's read it; she said it was brilliant, and she's right! It is absolutely amazing. Really.

Home again, empty house, apples in the bowl, unfortunately no toast this time. (Only brown bread - eurgh).

Ho hum. The melancholy things at lunchtime, oh dear. I had a while of oh-dear-low-self-esteem-lonely depression, which I've described before. The problem is, Kat and Tash aren't the most sensitive of people:

Ros: I know I sound desperate and pathetic, but...*rest of sentence ommitted*
Kat: Wow, you really are desperate.

RANT NO 3: I send Ann-Kathrin a lovely Xmas card and letter (all in German, I might add) and she sends no reply! I know I shouldn't be annoyed, but I am a bit.

Anyway, must go. Byeeee!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

A gush and two rants.

Well, I saw it.


Brilliant! Absolutely fantabulous. He was so gorrrrrrgeous!!! Wooo! Enjoyed watching it very much (despite the rubbish picture and crap sound from Sophie's video).

Favourite bits:

  • Harriet Jones flashing her ID to the sycorax and saying "Harriet Jones, prime minister". Then the assistant translated, "he knows who you are".
  • The apple in the dressing gown.
  • The Doctor saving the world with a satsuma.
  • ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE BIT- Tennant yelling in an absolutely hilarious voice, "I DON'T KNOOOWWWWW!!!" You have to see it to know what I'm talking about.

However, I do think that Anna's observation was right; Russell T didn't do a brilliant job of distinguising the two doctors; there were some bits that were very Christopher Eccleston-y, which they shouldn't be because it wasn't him.

And the "fantastic!" at the end I didn't like much. It doesn't suit him.

But apart from that, I thought it was fabuloso, and cannot wait until series 2. Although hopefully Russell will make David a DIFFERENT type of Doctor.

Right, gushing over, now time for the rants:

WE WERE SO BLOODY CLOSE!!!!! 2-2 against Chester. We were WINNING!!!!!!!! We were 2-1 throughout the entire second half, then the official gives us six minutes added time (God knows where they dredged that from) and right at the end of the added time, Chester scores (me and Dad yell "BUGGER!") and all their fans go completely mad and jump up, run down the steps and line the pitch shouting. Cocky sods.


Rant number two: Bloodyshittysoddingcrappybollocks Has-been and Wannabe Big Brother. It has taken over the Channel 4 line-up, so I have NO Friends in the morning, and NO SIMPSONS. AND NOW THE OLD EPISODES OF THE SIMPSONS ARE BEING SHOWN. AGAIN!!!! God, I just want to tear Davina McCall limb from limb. Ggagghhhhhagahagahahahhbggrrrrrr!!!!


Lost is finishing now. I may watch the finale, but I'll be lost (geddit) because I haven't seen it for weeks.

Ho hum.


Sophie is funneh. And apparently, so am I:

Ros: Grr....bloody Biology.
Other Ros: Hey, don't swear!
Ros: I'm not swearing crapbuggershitarsecuntbollocks!!!!!

Here is a gorgeous man.

Here is another gorgeous man.

Here is an even gorgeouser man, who Sophie lusts after.

Here is an extremely gorgeous man.

And here, ladies and gents, is the most gorgeous man of them all.

(Just in case you didn't know, they are, in order, Enrique Iglesias, Matthew Fox, John Barrowman, Viggo Mortensen, and if you don't know the identity of the last man you should have an appointment with the hospital, right away.)

Anyway, must skedaddle. See y'all (nearly) tomorrowwwww!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Ict ramblings...again.

First news to report: Sophie remembered the video! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! All that remains now is to see that it works. If it doesn't...

[The Scene - the English corridor. Sophie is rummaging in her locker. Ros walks slowly and stiffly along the corridor, her eyes glazed and her face empty of expression. hearing footsteps, Sophie looks up.]

Sophie: Hello, possum buddy! How was the video?

Ros: [Barely audible] It didn't work.

Sophie: [In her regular bus act as a stupid, interrupting person - long story] Whaaaaaaat?

Ros: It didn't work, Sophie. It didn't work. It didn't work. Lines. Fuzz. Static. Buzzing.

Sophie: Ohhhh no.

[Ros looks at her steadily for a second, then, without any warning, she whips out a huge frozen kipper and swipes Sophie around the head. She just has time to mutter "Oh, possum poo." before passing out.]

...but we've had all that before. Well, not literally.

Lalala. Writing this in ICT again. Katherine is, once again, taking to upon herself to defame me by putting fake quotes into her newsletter, such as...

"Badminton is a thrilling sport; the tension as you wait for the shuttlecock to fly over the net towards you...only for you to completely miss it. I love it!"

I NEVER SAID THAT!!! And she's a fine one to talk about completely missing the shuttlecock. Hmph. Possum poo head.

Later I have dance...which I am not lookign forward to. We have Mrs Mackenzie, and I have been forcibly put in the warm-up group which contains all the nasty people who don't like me, and who I don't like back in return. And plus, Mrs M never explains anything and assumes we just get it, which we don't. Like my mum.

On the plus side, I am with Katie and Tori. Who are hysterical.

"Gentlemen. I'm sure we can sort this out amicably. You see, if you could do what I could do, you would do it. But you can't. I can. And I did. And I'll do it again! And you, sir, consider this: you love your wife. I love your wife! So doesn't that make us on the same side? Does...doesn't it?"

Brilliant opening speech from Casanova. It's not word for word, but pretty close.

"Listen Rocko. These English, they like rain. They like gravy, they like warm beer, they lake masturbation! And most importantly of all, they love scandal!"

Very funny bit, on DVD.

[Agonised] "Puppets! I said...puppets...to your sister!!"

Casanova = very very very funny.

Doctor Who brilliant as well, obviously.

"No, we're not. We'll never be the same, because I know what you're like. I know what you deserve! 'Exterminate!'"

Superb Eccleston moment there.

Must go. Toodles!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

OK people, taking you out of suspense. I HAVEN'T SEEN IT YET!!! ALL RIGHT? STOP RUBBING IT IN!!!

If Skittles has read the blog, hopefully I will have it by tomorrow. If not, the next day. And...

[The scene - a Pate's bus. Ros is jiggling in her seat as we draw up to Skittles' bus stop. As Sophie comes in and takes her place next to Ros, Ros starts to shout...]

Ros: Sophie! Sophie! Sophie! You know you recorded the Xmas Invasion? Can I borrow it???
Sophie: Um, actually...

Ros: [Eagerly] Yes?

Sophie: [Quietly] I kind of recorded over it.

[Ros stares at her for a few moments, then slowly nods and stares straight ahead. For a few minutes there is complete silence as she stays completely still.]

Sophie: Um...Ros, are you all right?


[She stands up, screaming, and hurtles herself towards the driver's seat. Pushing him out of the way she takes erratic control of the wheel, making the bus swerve left and right violently, whilst everyone on board screams.]

Ros: [Hysterically] If I'm going down without seeing that episode I'M TAKING YOU LOT WITH ME!!!

[She steps on it, and the bus surges forward. Suddenly she lets go of the wheel and lets it take its course. Suddenly, who had been sitting quietly, lunges towards the wheel.]


[Ros looks briefly at the man, then looks again, more closely.]

Ros: Oh my...David...TENNANT???

David: [Yelling amidst the screams and shouts.] Yes, it's me! Listen Ros, you don't have to do this! I've got a copy here, look!

[He holds up a DVD. Ros puts out her hands and takes, eyes shining.]

Ros: This is...actually it??

David: Yes, it's it. Now please STOP!

Ros: [Not looking at the road, but at David.] Oh David, thank you so much! I always knew you were a wonderful, brilliant...

[She says no more, seeing as the bus collides with a lampost.]

Whoops. Imagination got the better of me there. Anyway, as we all know, Sophie is completely obsessed with Doctor Who (although not David Tennant) so she should still have it. Just as long as it works in our video player...as the other Sophie's didn't....grrrr...

Anyway, the last day of the holidays. Spent it touching up biology homework, starting (only just starting, for shame) Drama homework, although that shouldn't take too long, taking down Xmas decorations (always depressing), buying stuff in town, listening to music and watching Family Guy.

Oh, and I managed to stroke a squirrel without it running away. Cuuuuuute!

Ho hum. So, tomorrow it's back to the grindstone, on my absolutely, wonderful, lovely, FAVOURITE day of the week.

I jest of course. It is the worst day of the fortnight. Thank heavens I have history to sustain me.

So, here we are in 2006! This is what the New Year will bring, as far as I know:

  • Grade 4 piano exam. (Ulp!)
  • Off with Katherine, Emily, Lucy et al to Belgium/France on the battlefields trip.
  • Soon after that, my 15th birthday (hurrah!)
  • Then, Ann-Kathrin (my German exchange partner) comes along, and then...goes away again. Hopefully that'll work out; it was a bit iffy last time.
  • Then the day after she leaves we're off on our grand old holiday, which I am beyond excited about. I am ecstatic, I am....argharghargh I can't waaaaait! We're off to.....CUBA!!!!
  • Later on, um...French and German GCSEs. Wonderful.
  • Then, MUCH later on in the year, I'll be in Year 11 and will have my mocks. Totally cool. Not.

Points 2, 3, 4 and 5 happening in the same month. I am NOT looking forward to Mum's behaviour around this time; she is a worrier and fretter at the best of times. With such a busy month she'll be hysterical.

Lookign forward to all. Especially the trips abroad. I've been to where we're going in France/Belgium (Ypres) but I was about 8, so don't remember it especially well, and this time I'll know about it. Plus I'll be sharing a room with Kat, Emily and Lucy. Bet they're all looking forward to that(!)

Bit nervous about Ann-Kathrin coming over, though. I'll have to find stuff for us to do, and make sure that the stupid annoying TWATTY people at school such as Chris don't pick on them like they did last year. I mean, when we were there they didn't pick on us! They just stared at us relentlessly, which I may have commented on in an earlier post.

And should be fun, for Kat has Anna coming over, and we are planning trips and so forth. Hurrah!

And as for the Cuban trip...no words under heaven can describe how amazing that is.

Farewell, dear Christmas tree. Hello new term. I have ominous feelings about it, especially French. I have a horrid feeling I'll have failed my second piece of coursework, and what then? Sometimes I wish I was in Mr Andrew's set; he sounds dead lenient on it and gives them loads of time etc.

And tomorrow...eurgh, it's going to be horrible. Physics, History, Maths, Biology. *shudders*

I feel sorry for Tash. She has the same day, but Geography instead of History. Poor girl. And Katherine doesn't like History either. There again, she has admitted to be "warming to Mrs Ball". And she has fun watching Ben and others sexually harass me. Well, at least one of us does...

And singing potato songs and Stalin ditties and countless other weird things.

GOD this is annoying. I took some really brill screencaps from Casanova, and they can't be copied from my folder to here!!! Grrr.....let me try again.

Nope, still not working. I'll find a way.

Anyway, must toodle. See y'all tomorrow! (Well, not all of you.)


Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy new year!

Well I hope you had one. Mine was dead boring. ...actually, not completely true, I did manage to:

  • Watch Dr Who and Casanova
  • Eat Cheesecake
  • Lie in bed

And even better, I managed to do all three at the same time. Until four in the morning, when I turned off my laptop and retired to bed with my eyes aching, only to be involved in an extremely Doctor Who orientated dream. It was quite fun, actually. Maybe I've been overdoing it a bit.

Anywaaay, I spent the night at home with a boring and grumpy set of parents, while my brother swanned off to a party. After an eternity of telly watching, then DVd watching, midnight struck and I recived my glass of champagne and leaned out of my bedroom window to watch the (rather impressive) fireworks.

And honestly, what is it with people who live around here? Being cheery and good-humoured, I called out to a couple who were going into the house across the road, "Happy new year!" and raised my glass. Their only response was to stare at me. I was only being friendly! Huh.

After that, I tried in vain to call my friends to infuse some good cheer into the evening. I called Tom, Diana, Kat, Tash Home and mobile, and many others. Finally I got through to Seth, and we had a very strange conversation about champagne, with his younger brother Caleb occasionally grabbing the phone and making random comments. Very funny.

Piece of advise: NEVER DRINK CHAMPAGNE. It's absolutely disgusting. I managed about a quarter of a (large) glass before I gave up and donated it to Mum.

So yes, today, yesterday and many other days since Xmas day are going to account for me going blind in the future, I'm sure, because of the constant screen watching. Still, might as well enjoy what I've got. And believe me, I am enjoying it. Very much. I have seen all the Dr Who episodes, some with commentary (which is very funny sometimes; when Rose started running towards her dad, the producer said in this hilarious voice, "WARNING - MAY CAUSE END OF WORLD."

And Casanova...how can I begin to describe Casanova? It is HILARIOUS. Absolutely. But it's really sad, though. I cried at the end; like I did when I saw it many months ago. For those who didn't see it (and I'm not even going to imagine why you didn't), Casanova, despite the constant sexual exploits, falls deeply in love with a lady called Henriette, but he gets arrested by her fiance, and is put in exile.

And it's very sad because they never meet up again. And at the end he dies; and the last scene (the one that made me start blubbering like a baby) is a scene from earlier on, him and Henriette dancing happily in an empty courtyard in Venice.

Also did some nice screencaps:

Hmph, well I did make some. Obviously they can't be transferred. I took some quite hilarious ones.

Anyway, must go.

Thanks for calling me a genius, Lisa!