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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Look people, when I write a post that's different from the usual and about important things like justice and corruption and political freedom and liberalism, you could at least have SOMETHING to say about it. You know, I was enlightened; and all I recieved was comments about David T and sceptisicm from Jack.

He's got a good point, though. Grrrrr....it's so frustrating. It's like History, or existantilism; there are never any right answers. And we'll never know re: Michael Moore/George Bush, for obvious reasons. E.g. We'll never meet either of them. Although, he does offer some proof. Still confusing.

Today (after waking up to find my Dad knocking on the door calling, "Special Delivery!" More about that later.) I went for a little stroll into town. Saw the following:

  • Adam Mitchell looking very bad-tempered.
  • Dan Williams dancing in the middle of the road shouting, "come on cars, hit me!"
  • Various familiar school people.
  • Matt Foster and Rennison (I think) and various Year 11 girls. As I passed they all started singing (very loudly and raucously) "FEED THE BIRDS! TUPPENCE A BAG!" And therefore embarassing me. Very much.


  • Cinnamon sugar pretzel
  • Mango, pinapple and strawberry smoothie. Heaven in a cup.
  • Mars Bar cake.
  • Sausage roll.
  • Sweets.

Anyway, the aforementioned "special delivery" was...*drum roll* CASANOVA ON DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I ordered it the other day. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! *excited*

And tomorrow I'm off ice skating with Sophie and Kimmy; and Sophie said she'd bring the video, which means I will FINALLY be able to watch the Xmas Invasion. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Everyone is amazed that I haven't seen it yet. IT WASN'T OUT OF CHOICE; TRUST ME!!!!

Kat has posted! I can't believe it! It's an Xmas miracle!

This is agony. The Casanova DVD is looking up at me, crooning, "Come on...come on...watch me...you've got time....you know you want to...."

But if I watch it all at once (it's 3 hours long) it'll be over. I watched Dr Who too fast; I've only got the last 2 episodes left. Still, I can always watch them all again later. I'm sad like that.

I'll probably post again before New Year, but just in case I don't; here are this year's thanks:

  • Inspirational people: Dave Pelzer - for obvious reasons.
  • Michael Moore - see yesterday's post.
  • Tash, Kat, Diana, Hannah, Lucy, Choe etc - For being completely and utterly whacky. Soecial thanks to Diana for hours of entertainment in French. And German.
  • Peter Jackson - for rekindling my love of Lord of the Rings.
  • David Tennant - for entertaining me throughout the year, and beyond. Hope you stay forvever gorgy.
  • Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper - tip-top actor type people.
  • Sophie - For possums, chickens, birdies, Bill and Butch, and countless hysterical fits of the bus. THANK YOU!
  • Philip Pullman/Anton Lesser for the books/tapes. Very good.
  • Marie, Jack, Amoeba, Tash, Kat, Lisa, Monty, Anna, Janine, and anyone else who reads this blog. Keep the comments coming.
  • And lastly, the biggest thanks of them all goes to Amy. Without you, this blog wouldn't even exist. You are a cooly dooly friend and I hope you had a fantabulous Christmas. SOCK!

No thanks whatsoever go to:

  • All the people I've had crushes on (excluding David Tennant/Viggo Mortensen) over the past year; you have inadvertently caused me excrutiating pain. Not your fault, but geargghhh anyway.
  • Tom, Mike, Martin, Owain, Ryan, Another Tom, Adam, Becky, Rosie, Laura, Daisy and others. QUIT ANNOYING ME AND GROW UP.
  • All people involved in Big Brother, I'm a celebrity get me out of here, celebrity love island, et cetera.
  • Finally, the most non-thanks of all go to Chris. You cheating, horrible, lying, two-faced scumbag. I hope you fall down a bottomless pit.

Hmm. So many people I've thanked who don't even know I exist. Odd.

What a year!

Next year...I wonder what nexy year will bring.

Anyway, must go. Thanks to aaaallllll my lovely friends. I would name them all but it might take a while. Not boasting, but it's true.


P.S. Will probs report soon on Xmas Invasion reaction.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Thursday, December 1, 200550 Years Ago Today... From Michael Moore

I just thought we should all pause for a moment today to remember the simple act of courage, defiance and dignity committed by Rosa Parks when she refused to move to the back of the bus because the law said she had the wrong skin color. The greatest moments in history, the ones that have truly mattered and have taken us to a better place, are made up of scores of these singular acts by ordinary, everyday people who could no longer tolerate the crap and the
nonsense of those in charge.

Today, whether it is a student who holds a sit-in to get the army recruiters off his campus, or the mother of a dead soldier who refuses to leave the front gate of the president's ranch, we continue to be saved by brave people who risk ridicule and rejection but end up turning huge tides of public opinion in the direction of righteousness. We owe them enormous debts of gratitude. It is not easy to stand up for what is right, especially when everyone else is afraid to
leave the comfortable path of conformity.

Rosa Parks may have been alone on that bus at the moment of her arrest but she wasn't alone for long. The old order was shaken, the world was upended and, as a people, we were given a chance for a bit of redemption.

Perhaps the best way to celebrate this most important day in American history is to ask yourself what it is that you can do today to make a difference. What risk can you take to move the ball forward? What is that one thing you've been wanting to say to your co-workers or classmates that you've been afraid to say -- but in your heart of hearts you know needs to be said? Why wait another day to say it or do it?

There is probably no better way to honor Rosa Parks -- and yourself -- than for you to put a stop to an injustice you see, not allowing it to continue for one more second. Do something. Then send me an email (contributions@michaelmoore.com) and tell all of us what you did (I'll post as many as I can).

Fifty years later, the bus we're on could use a few more people simply saying, "No. I'm sorry. I've had enough. I'm not going to take it anymore."

Michael Moore

That comes from Michael Moore's website, which I have added to my links. I just saw Farenheit 9/11 today, and after seeing that, and reading that letter, AND seeing the website, I've realised how much I really don't know. How corrupt and unfair Government is.

And how NOBODY TAKES ANY NOTICE. My friends, you're brilliant, but you don't sit up and take notice. I'll probably get slagged off by saying this, but I'm in a mood where I don't care. When I try and discuss things like this with Tash, Kat, Hannah, Lucy, other people, most of the time they're just not interested. Tash, I've heard her say many times, "Look, it doesn't have anything to do with us, so stop going on about it!"

Well, who cares if it doesn't effect us directly? Does Michael Moore care? Didn't think so. So, asides from all the stuff I usually say, listen: TAKE AN INTEREST. Even though you're only one person, and thousands of miles away from America. Because all those "one person" people who are willing to stand up and take a stand, add them together and you get a hell of a lot of people, and it can spread over countries, spread out and convince more people. Inform them of the truth.

So, basically, don't just sit back. You never know; the UK's Government is probably like that as well. We just don't know, because they won't tell us the whole truth, and it would appear we don't have a British Michael Moore around. Well, not someone who has made as much impact as him.

Click here for the imdb stuff on Farenheit 9/11. And the website is on the link list, on the right >>>>>>>>

And don't make fun of me, right? Because some people do, and they're losers.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

What an absolutely fan-diddly-tabulous Christmas!

...which will doubtless be made better when I get round to watching the Christmas Invasion.

Surprised? I thought you would be.

I couldn't watch it on Xmas Day because during the hour it was on I was engaged in a hilarious game of Pictionary with my Dad, cousin Olly, Joe, Granny, Grandpa and Aunty Hilary. I was on Grandpa's team, which, as lovely as he is, was rather frustrating as he never listens when I try to explain. Then he asks questions. Still, hi de hi. And anyway, it was very funny because Aunty Hilary was meant to be drawing an owl, and she ended up bursting into complete and utter hysterics, which are very contagious, until thre entire room was laughing.

So I didn't watch it then because, despite what you may assume, I would have rather played Pictionary at the time that watch Doctor Who.

*The reader gasps with shock, whispering, "Is she all right?"*

Anyway, I was hoping I could watch it yesterday, when I got back from London (that's where my Aunt and Uncle live), beacause Dad claimed he had done an ingenious bit of DVD recording by switching channels between Dr Who and that Earnest thing, so it would record both.

Predictably, it didn't work. Still, I didn't panic (the reader yells, "WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO HER???") Because...I have a back-up plan! While bagpacking, me and Sophie had been discussing the gorgeousness of several actor type people, and predictably again, I blibbered on about David Tennant for hours. And Sophie, wonderful Sophie, without any asking or prompting, said she would record it for me. HURRAH!!!

Anyway, forgetting Dr Who/David Tennant, (the reader gives a final choking gasp and faints on the carpet) let me give you the lowdown:

The Award for the absolute BEST present goes to...An MP3 player from my Dad!!!! It's BRILLIANT!!! Wooooooo! Yes, I was aboslutely deeeeeeeeelighted with that. I have put lots of music on there, most of it being KT Tunstall. Her music ROCKS, I have just discovered. As well as Dido, the Beatles, Lemar etc.

This is narrowly, very narrowly, followed by...The Complete First Dr Who series boxset. And by first series I mean the one with Christopher E in it. YYYEEEESSSSS!!! It was brilliant! I have watched the first five since then and there are even more excellent than I remember. Exccellent! ....trying desperately hard not to say "Fantastic!"

The award for the most bizarre present goes to...A big, very cute teddy bear from my Granny. This wasn't weird in itself, but then I saw the label. I quote:

"Henry Warmheart - Contains a special blend of treated flax seed and a hint of lavender. Heat this adorable bear in a microwave for 2 minutes to provide hours of soothing warmth and comfort."

Blimey. I have NEVER come across a microwaveable teddy before. I have to say it's a novel idea, but I probably won't ever do it. Something tells me it's immoral and wrong to put a teddy bear (and a very cute one) in the microwave. So it's on my bed, smelling of lavender.

I also recieved:

  • A big squashy pillow thing like the ones you get at the beginning of the Regent Arcade. Also smelling of lavender. Brill.
  • A charm bracelet from my granny.
  • Bracelet from Mum.
  • Fluffy gloves and socks from Mum.
  • A scarf from Mum, but we have agreed to replace it with something else because we doubt whether it is actually a scarf. Long story.
  • A jumper from my Dad's sister.
  • A jacket and jewellrey box from my Dad's brother.
  • KT Tunstall's new album, from my brother.

All of it, absolutely all of it, FANTABULOUS!!!!!

The only thing I didn't get which I would have quite liked was Casanova on DVD, but no matter, for I have £30 pounds from various sources, some of which I can buy it with. Woooo! Though I'll have to do it over the internet because NO DECENT SHOPS SELL IT!!! Not one! Grrr....

So yeah, brilliant Xmas day comprising of eating, watching DVDs (Dodgeball and half of Layer Cake), watching telly (The Importance of being Earnest - terrible. Also saw the next series clips of Dr Who. Nice.), playing Pictionary and having a squashy pillow fight with my cousin Olly, who recieved one the same as me, except it was blue.

Boxing Day, football, WE WON 1-0 AGAINST CHESTER!!!! hahaha. And hopefully, we win beat them again in the new year. Why? Because it is the FA cup third round. And if we beat them, you could get drawn against somebody like Liverpool, or Man Utd. That would be brilliantosoo.

And after the football, after putting more cooly tunes on the player, I shut the door, turned off the light and started Dr Who watching. I got as far as World War Three, and saw the two ones I missed. Woooooooooo!!! Brilliant.

Right, had better go now. I hope you all had a very merry Christmas, and if I don't post again (though I probably will) until 2006, then...have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

P.S. You have GOT to be kidding me. Dr Who got 9.4 million viewers, but Eastenders, for Tennant's sake, got 10.something????? Eastenders is CRAP!!!

P.S.S. Worship Tennant. Without him the Tardis would be dusty and empty.

P.S.S.S. Though, I suppose Christopher Eccleston deserves a mention in that department, now I've been viewing his performance over again. Byeeee!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Oh wow.

He was on Friday night with Johnathan Ross.


ABSOLUTELY gorgeous.

Blimey, I cannot wait until the new series starts. Really. Also saw a new trailer for the Xmas Invasion.

"Missed me?"

Oh, dear Lord. Dear LORD!!!


To my surprise, I'm not bouncing. I was earlier. Not now. Maybe because I am BLOODY WORRIED AND FURIOUS about leaving my handbag in Morrissons, which contains stuff which is VITAL.



Oh yeah...

David T.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Hurrah! Finally the Goblet of Fire puppet show has been released onto the Jerry the Frog Productions site! And, as expected, it is hilarious. To have a look at the theatre (which contains numerous other hilarious things) click here my munchkins. It would probably be better if you read the other harry potter show thingies first. In the fourth watch out for Barty Crouch jr: that is who David T played in the film.

Eeeeeeee!!! (Although the tongue movoment I did find slightly disturbing.)

THE TERM IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have literally eaten nothing but chocolate today, with the result that (obviously) I went hyperrrr. Sophie did the Bill and Butch Invasion on the bus, which, to be brutal, wasn't her best, but still, cooly dooly.

And now...two whole school-free weeks...Christmas...presents...tree...sleeping in late...doctor who...

*voice trails off as she thinks of this list of wonders*

GRRRR Msn is being screwy again.

Well, school was ace today. I wore a BRILLIANT santa hat which attracted a lot of attention from various people, including Chris with his loud, immature, oooh-look-at-me-trying-to-impress-people comments:

"You FREAK!"
"What the hell is WRONG with you?"

I simply said I was being cheery and festive (unlike him) and told him to stop being an immature prick and find a life from somewhere. I also said the same to Mitchell, after he had constantly annoyed me all term (and practically everyone else in the whole yeargroup). I think it shut him up.

It's not fair. How come (for example) I have only TWO classes with Diana, and yet I have to have Drama, Physics, Chemistry, English, Biology AND Maths with Mitchell? He is the biggest and most desperate attention seeker I have ever met in my life.

Also Martin is behaving in a quite laughable way; he keeps on saying that he's "trying to be nice to me" and so I should "return the favour". Well a) he isn't trying to be nice, he has just been doing the whole shrieking/repeating whatever I say/hair YYYYYYanking thing and b) he is plainly asking for some kind of handout.

You would think, after three and a bit years he would've thought of SOMETHING insulting to say to me without a) getting it from Mike and Bean, b) repeating what I say or c)...well, that's about it.

Oh yeah, and death to Tom Percy.


Ok, phew, rant over. So anyway, I have eaten a whole ton of chocolate today. Rest of holiday plan:

  • 21st - Carol singing with Diana, hurrah!
  • 22nd - Probably hanging around at home bored stiff
  • 23rd - Bagpacking with Seth, Caleb, Mark, Louise and the rest of the (very large) gang
  • 24th - Ditto. Will also be watching the annual Christmas video as well.
  • 25th - Off to Aunty Hilary's. Doctor Who on. All activity will stop. Eeeeeeeeeeee.
  • 26th - Football, and probably enjoying my Xmas presents, whatever they may be.

Looking forward to it all, lalalalalaaaaaaa.

Hmm, the thumping music has stopped. Has my brother died?

Ow, back aching. Now off to eat some more toast.

I love this picture. Can't pin down why, I just think it's brilliant. Anyway, must skadoodle. Blog soon hopefully!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Let the beeeeells ring oouuuut at Christmaaaas!

Quote of the day:
Me: Hey Amy!
Amy: Glurk...I can't answer right now because I'm choking on a mixture of fur and breakfast cereal.

Claire, give us a quote!
"I'm a chocoholic!"


Yes, it's been a very chocolate-oriented day. OHMYGODSACREBLEUANDWOWZIES I LOVE CHOCOLATE ORANGE!!!!

Phew. My chocolate high is starting to slow down. Anyway, it has been a totally fabby-doo day today. Maths, we did puzzles and played countdown (the girls won - hurrah!) In PE we played badminton (as usual) and danced around to Xmas songs, and we watched Blackadder in history. And now I have a whole hour to kill, seeing as we were let out 20 minutes early for Sixth Form lunch thingy.

And I ate chocolate.

CHRISTMAS!!! I am finally getting dead excited now. WOO HOOOOO!!! And before you say, I am getting excited about Christmas, not just the Christmas Invasion.

I lurrrrrrve Xmas, hurrahzels!

Ashleigh says: "I like bread."

And I like turkey. And crackers. And watching the Snowman was Christmas Eve. And bag-packing! (I can't be bothered to explain that - it's a charity thing).

Claire is asking me random questions :S

Better go; by fingers are aching like HELL.


(Invasion also.)


Friday, December 16, 2005

It's Christmassssssssssssssssssssssssss

Notable events of late:
  • Recieving my Secret Santa present; bath bombs, yaydelly!
  • Recieving a quite huge amount of cards from people (Monty's particularly stood out because it had a picture of a Christmas Montster on it).
  • Sorting out the drama groups; I am Tim's daughter and Tom's sister. Weirrd. We also played Zip-zap-boing. First round I won, second round I had to drop out nearly at the end because I was laughing too much to make a decent "boing!"
  • Observing Mr Butcher making pure iron in Chemistry; involving a firework/flash/bright light sort of thing.
  • Watching The Muppet Christmas Carol in English
  • Going completely and utterly mental and apoplectic with laughter on the bus again. We were just passing out of school when Sophie started to make extremely weird faces at the Ozies outside, and was clawing at the window. It was hysterical. They looked scared, as well they might.

OK, and just for the record:


Yeah, Tash got annoyed. Very.

My blunder of the day:
(After Martin and Mike were pulling my hair in assembly, and claiming they were being nice to me)
Me: Martin, answer me this; how is wanking...I mean yanking my hair...

I didn't get any further because the whole room had dissolved into laughter. DAMMIT.

So, at our intelligent, wonderful and intuative school, I learnt this today:

  • According to Emily, Bean shaves his legs.
  • He uses Venus.
  • Muppets ROCK.
  • Oh yeah, and Beaufort...hang on, wasn't it York? Yeah, York, won House art.
  • Erm...
  • That's it.

A whole Christmassy weekend stretching ahead. Mum and Dad are out all day tomorrow, so I have to buy Christmas presents, stick up all our cards on the banisters, and deliver the local ones. Wonderful.

I don't mind actually. I think it's fun-diddly.

Ho ho ho it's magic...you knooowwwww...

ssssHHHHH!!! *listens intently*

I can hear carol singers!

OK, maybe not.

*dead with laughter*

*dead from eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeing*


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Well, as brilliant as he was, as divine and gorgeous and really pretty good at it he was, I agree with Marie. Secret Smile wasn't anything special.

I mean, the woman who played Miranda was crap. Whatever creepy Brendan did (and he really was very creepy - I was quite scared :S) she seemed to let it pass and didn't yell at him or anything, and when people badmouthed her she didn't even put up a fight!

There were some definitely creepy moments though. So the first half wasn't bad. The second half was just odd. Still, we got plenty of gorgeous Tennant-ness, and really good acting. He can play anything, can't he? In the last year, (or is it two? I can't remember) he's been a completely convincing...

  • Scheming vicar
  • Corrupt policeman
  • Horny lothario
  • Evil kill-Harry-Potter character
  • DOCTOR WHO!!! (Brilliant)
  • And this stalker guy.

God, so many costumes.


Anyway, back to my life; I have had the shittest day in history. Ever. It was horrible:

  • In History, Ben kept on hitting on me and doing disgusting stuff and Kat (like the wonderful person she is) kept on encouraging him by yelling stuff like "SHE REALLY FANCIES YOU, YOU KNOW!!!" And Mrs Ball didn't help at all, not even when I pleaded: "Please, he's sexually harrassing me!" Which he was, the dickhead.
  • Maths was hell in lesson form; I got 33% in our recent test, which was bad enough, but EVERYONE else seemed to understand what we were doing (bearings - I ask you) and so was basically being annoying to the extreme (well, not everyone) and loud and I couldn't concentrate, because despite my loathing of Maths I want to do well.
  • Then I found out I hadn't done my Biology homework, so was prepared to spend an unintelligable hour doing it in the library, then I rifle through my bag and find that I've brought my BLOODY CHEMISTRY BOOK instead. Then I had the equivalent of a mental breakdown.
  • And then we had another unintelligable Biology lesson on the heart, which I don't understand. (Ne-ver!)
  • And, lots and lots and lots of stupid and horrible people (like Becky) went out of their way to make the crap mountain of my day just a little stinkier.

Oh, and I have to do that massive Biology homework tonight. And I keep thinking it's Thursday, which it isn't.

GodDAMMIT what is it with school??? Grrrrrrrrrrr...

I am badly in need of some Christmas therapy. Just give me some presents and a lot of turkey. And the Christmas Invasion, obviously.

*phone ringing*

Typical, just as I get to it it stops ringing.

Sophie did manage to cheer me up on the bus though, by imitating me yelling "TASH! TASH! TASH!" And she said she'd start Bill and Butch in the new year. At which I had a very good idea. I said we should do a Christmas special...and it should be called The Bill and Butch Invasion!!!

Sophie liked that very much, and said she'd do it on the last day of term, on the bus home.

It's just so FABBY DOOOO.....my two favey things rolled into one...(David and Dr Who, that is) woooooooop de doooooooooooo yayyyyyy!!!

On the plus side, now I've given up dance I don't have to make today any worse. Although guaranteed my stupid family will yell at each other, as is the norm. *annoyed*

On my bed right now:

  • Headphones
  • Two biscuits
  • A handbag
  • My comb
  • A copy of Round Ireland with a Fridge

Oh, and yours truly, of course. *preen*

So yeah; school sucks, especially Biology. But looking on the bright side; I don't have this day again for yonks. *thinks* Next week is week...2? Anyway, the opposite week, then we break up. Then...oh shitballs, it'll be waiting for me when I get back to school. *sigh* ah well.

Aha, I hear sounds of someone in the kitchen. *gasp* an intruder! A thief!

...or my Dad, sneezing loudly.

Best go and get that bloody Biology done. Apologies for this post being filtered at school; I'm in a bad, swearing mood. DIE STUPID ANNOYING PEOPLE DIE!!!

And on that friendly note, I good you bid evening, in the words of...whats-his-name in Vanilla Sky. Tip-top film.

Monday, December 12, 2005

I badly need to watch something with David Tennant in it, RIGHT NOW. Unfortunately I'm going to have to wait another three hours and twenty five minutes.

In the mean time, there's plenty of things I could be doing but really can't be bothered to do, like Christmas cards. *moan* so difficult...so many people...and I'm really not boasting here but I'm going to have to send a LOT out and eurgaghhhhhhhh it's difficult. Still, all in good fun. Recieved Katherine's, which had the following message written inside:

"To Rosby,

May you be filled you the happiness, the merriment and the knowledge that Dr Who is back soon that makes a Christmas very Christmassy. From Kat"

Then she added an arrow to the Dr Who part and wrote, "I don't think I should have reminded you about that!"

Obscure wording in her message, but right in the essentials. Anna is accusing me of looking forward to Christmas Day JUST because Dr Who is on. Which, if you met me, you'd think was true; but I'm being excited about Christmas in my own quiet way. Hell, I didn't even think Christmas was getting close until yesterday (see last post; tree putting up etc).

Also got Sophie's card:

"To Ros,

(In normal type) Happy Christmas (in Sophie writing) Invasion.
And Bonnies.
And Possums.
Luv, Skittles."

She also wrote "mole" randomly and "kilt", as well. Both David Tennant related.

Hmm, are all my Christmas cards going to be Doctor Who-ish? Speaking of Doctor Who (Well, we weren't talking about it before, were we, silly!) You may want to check this out. Top clip on the list. Look out at the end for the Enigma. It looks dead good.

Dead good? UNDERSTATEMENT! It looks brilliant, fabuloso and marrrrrrvelllloooouuussss!!! He fights the sycorax in his pyjamas, in his PYJAMAS for god's sake. Marie and I (just to satisfy Elizabeth - for once) will be going nuts, I can tell.

La tum te tum tum do be do be do...I'm going to have to start those cards sometime.

I've had a spectacular day of losing today. In History...actually, we won in history! Hurrah! We were having a sources quiz and me and Kat were with Fran, Keenan and Ashley. And we got the most right! (Although me and Kat did the most work.)

P.E: major acheivment; me, Tash and Katherine lost EVERY SINGLE GAME! WOOO! It was very funny. We were beaten 15-0 by Becky and Charlotte, despite us being actually not that bad. Well, Tash and Kat are good. Well...I can be pretty good if I'm concentrating enough.

Maths test, I DEFINITELY lost that. Ah well. Then Drama, we watched the other group's play, which was diddly. (Diddly = good, in Ros language). Now we're starting our devised piece and I may possibly be with Tom Travis and Tim, which is going to be interesting.

Hafta skadoodle now.


P.S. Think of me at 9pm this evening. I will be squealing.

P.S.S. Possibly. I may record it and watch it on my laptop in bed, which is the ONLY way to watch things.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


Bonsoir everyone, hope you are well, the Avenging Dalek here. Like it? I do. I am entering a competeition in the Radio Times to win a REAL DALEK! One of the ones they had in the series in the final episode, you know:

"This is the emperor of the daleks"

Wouldn't that be absolutely amazing if I won one? I could take it to school and get in it and yell "EX-FOL-I-ATE!" to people. So hopefully...*fingers crossed*

Oh dear, I entered a comp to interview David Tennant in London but I obviously didn't win. *sniff* Ah well, we can't all have...true...dreams, ahem.

Anyway, today is a turning point in the month, for we have our Christmas treeeeeeeeee!!! Hurrah! I have spent most of the day putting up the decorations and all the completely random stuff our family has at Christmastime, for instance:

  • A straw goat from Sweden that goes next to the Christmas tree.
  • A huge photo of Prince Charles' head mounted on cardboard (there is a backstory to this, but I always forget what it is).
  • A gnome that goes on the mantlepiece.
  • Loads and loads of "off the ceiling" Christmas cards my Dad buys for the family every year. You know the sort, with jokes like: 'Margaret recieved a standing ovation for her Christmas cake laced with viagra.' Anyway, these have photoes of the family stuck in with speech bubbles and stuff.
  • Swedish advent calenders. (My parents have a long-lasting connection with Sweden).
  • An old Christmas song book where you pressed buttons and it played notes for carols. It hasn't worked for years, but we keep it as a memory of when me and Joe (ME AND JOE, ELIZABETH, HAHAHA) used to fight over it.

And I could go on. So yayzels, it's all up (albeit a bit early) and once we have enough Xmas cards from people I will do my annual job and sticking them up on the bannisters (I know, another weird tradition).

I wrote this poem as a sort of simple version of the ones we do in English. Have a look-see and comment, if you will. (n.b: I don't know whether it should be "can" or "can't")

Can't we but laugh
Over loves we have lost;
Through summers of romance
That ended in frost?
Can't we but joke
About ones that are gone;
Those rascals who ruined
True love's gentle song?
Can't we but shrug
And leave sadness behind;
Of all those decievers
Who said, "love is blind"?
Can't we but live
Our lives without pain;
How hard can it be
To say "never again"?

I did try and think of an ending but got stuck. I am reasonably (sort of) adept at poetry, but I'm not brilliant, like my Dad.

Must go and view our beautiful tree. Byeeeee!

*rises up into the air and floats downstairs*

And you thought you were safe, eh?

Friday, December 09, 2005

Move over Darcy, it's CASANOVA!!!

Ah, there he is...that picture has to be my favourite.

*blinks and shakes head* Whoops, went into a bit of a daydream there. OK, here's the situation. It's ten past seven on Friday evening; I have just finished making and eating a (although I say it myself) delicious repast of pasta and bacon, I have been scouring the Christmas Radio Times (particularly over the big Doctor Who special; there is a fold out of David fighting the sycorax wearing pyjamas. The stuff of dreams...) and now I come to you, my bloggers.

I did actually do a short, picture filled fost earlier but I deiced to delete that because the pictures and layout went spasticated.

Crap morning, good afternoon today. Felt like...well, crap this morning, the misery being made worse by the fact that yesterday (when I wasn't at school do to coughing my guts out) our class did a new Chemistry thing that I do NOT understand in the SLIGHTEST. God dammit, there goes my understanding things streak in Chemistry.


Then the day looked up for English was next, and I like English lots, and we got to hear yet more boys say "I'm pregnant" voluntarily, which is always funny. See Tash's blog for more detail on this. Then German, which was good; we spent half the lesson deciding (in German) what we'd do if we won the lottery (at which I let out a loud exclamation of: "How in Tennant's name do you say 'I want to sell up and open a skiing hotel in Austria' in German?").

Then next half we were in the Computer room. It was fun because...

  • Me and Katie worked on the German exercises together, with hilarious results.
  • Me, Joe and Kat (Kat and Katie = two different people) had a sort of wheelie chair race, which resulted in Kat stealing my shoe for the trillionth time.
  • Encouraging people to put comments on the "KILT!!!!!" post, which means I have several very strange ones on there.
  • Annoyed everyone silly by randomly yelling, "He's wearing a KILT!!!"

Bus journey? Sophie tried her hardest (though not with Bill and Butch) and in the end it worked; I went absolutely apopleptic with laughter, and I mean absolutely. My hysterical laugh is not pleasant; in fact it is something to be afraid of, most definitely. This meant that as I burst into my continuous, cackling, weird laughter, Tom grew slightly fearful and kept on saying nervously, "Ros...Ros...Ros...Ros!" Until finally he experimentally poked me which just prolonged the laughter.

God, it's such fun being in hysterics. If I had a penny for every time Sophie caused hysterics, I'd be able to sell up and open a skiing hotel in Austria!

At home, yayzels and sacre bleu and eeeeeeee there are cooly dooly pics of the Christmas Invasion! Am slightly worried though; according to the reports it seems that Tennant spends most of it in bed. Still, we know he'll do some heavy-duty fighting. Ooooo, cannot wait to see it!

*thinks about David in pyjamas*

And so the weekend stretches forth. Tomorrow we play Macclesfield, and I am going, hurrah.

Must go now. Byeeeeeeeee!!!


(Couldn't resist.)


Thursday, December 08, 2005

Oh my.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Ah random bibbling; where would we be without it?

Hello Motos!

When asked what his Primary School was like:
Joe Harvey: My school was CRAP. It was so crap it was staring up its own ARSE!

Which I thought was hilarious.

*sigh* Mostly boring day today, yadedada. I actually spent most of it debating with people over the brilliantness of Tennant. Hannah (or Lucy - I really can't remember) came up with a brilliant word - they said he had geekchic.

I just love that! It's so true. Unfortunately, Tash and Kat do not share this view and think:

Kat: That he is an ugly, crap actor.
Tash: That he is an all right actor but an ugly, skinny monkey.

I think that's what she said. Something about a monkey, anyway. *mutters darkly and brandishes the kipper*

Ho hum. Doing more depressing poetry about love in English. Well, it's not too depressing, it's just...OK, it's depressing.

Very funny moment during lunch. Me, Tash, Lucy and Chloe (Hannah was off doing art or something) were sitting around talking, and I turned to Tash and said, "Shall we go and see what Kat is up to?" (Kat being at Jazz Band at the time.) Tash said, "Err...no."

Whereupon I commented that it was like the poem we'd just done; the poet couldn't move his legs for love, so Tash couldn't move her bum!

So basically, Jack has made Tash's bum go inert. *snort* I know it's immature, but whenever I think about that sentence I can't stop laughing. It's like Joe's arse-school comment.

Tash did not take too well to this, so I won't mention it again. (For the record - Jack is an idiot in Year 8 who Tash gets the bus with, and who me and Kat - well OK, me - keep on saying he loves her/she loves him)

Sorry Tash :(

*yawn* History test tomorrow. Erk, is on everything we have done so far! Am going to have to do more revision; somehow I don't think Kat's revision policy of "The Tsar was stupid, Lenin was weird and Stalin was evil" is going to help much.

Basic info:
The Tsar inherited his position of ruler of Russia from his father, and was completely useless at it, abandoning the country at the first sign of trouble, and not taking anything seriously.

Lenin and the Bolsheviks consequently took over, introducing Communism, then took on harsh War Communism and took away the peasant's grain, causing a massive famine. Then he took pity and introduced the New Economic Policy (see Kat's blog for her complaints about this) allowing small enterprise and peasants the chance to earn money. Then he died.

Stalin was the next ruler. It was going to be Trotsky, but after a power struggle in which Stalin manipulated people and basically completely cheated, he became ruler and sent Trotsky into exile. First action: The Five Year Plans. Indrustrialising Russia and giving people massive production targets, and inventing new towns (cue Kat's yells of "SVEDLORSK!!!" and "MAGNITOGORSK!!!") for building factories. Anybody do the slightest thing wrong they were sent to labour camps.
Then he stole the peasant's grain again, to feed the workers. If they objected he killed them. That plan went to pot. Then the Purges, after Kirov's death (Stalin's doing) he basically ordered the killing of everyne - left right and centre. Then he introduced the constitution for everyone who was still alive. That's as far as we got.

Interesting, no? Well, I think it is. I think I may be in the miniority there, but ah well.

So, basic info on the three leaders. Animal farrrrm! Tsar = Mr Jones, Lenin = Snowball, Stalin = Napoleon. I still have fond memories. Snowball was Barley Beal, and Napoleon Joe Ogbourne. He di that hilarious song wearing the feather boa and prancing drunk around the stage.

Random bibbling time...hmm...hm...I should really start calling Max Max and Amy Amy. I keep getting them mixed up.

Tomorrow, we perform our drama piece to the group. Double erk...shouldn't be too bad though. Right, I never had my toast! Must go and make up for this appalling mistake.

Toodle pip!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Some random bibbling

At this precise moment in time (9pm on Saturday) I have the following things on my bed:

  • Dressing gown
  • Nightie
  • Three apples
  • A book by Andrea Levy called Small Island
  • Two pairs of sandals
  • A pair of jeans on a hanger
  • A tape measure
  • The From Hell DVD

Isn't that fascinating? Must skadoodle.

Friday, December 02, 2005

tum te tum te tum

Tim! Give us a quote!

"Up yours."

Such a charming bloke, isn't he? Now he is laughing. I shall torment him forever with the memory of his squeakiness in drama.

ACE day today, surprisingly. Drama was as usual, hysterical, due to Tim squeaking and Theo and Teddy's hyperness. And Imogen as well. Very, very funny.

French was REALLY boring and UNINTELLIGABLE.

Chemistry was really good. About halfway through the lesson we were doing an experiment on displacement; it was bog-standard, rather boring, when suddenly, FWOOSH! There was a mini-explosion at the other side of the lab. Steam starts to billow towards the ceiling, and there is a sort of blue flash and Amber's test tube explodes and whatever is it burns a massive hole in her book! It was exciting.

English next, and DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT I left my homework (which, although I say it myself was excellent) at home. Grrrr. Still, Ms Reid is OK with that sort of thing really.

And laterrrr woo! After my piano lesson Dad is taking moi et ma mere to Il Bottolino's, yummy scrumbos italian place in town. Roll on the scampi! And then we're off to see the panto. Hurrah!

Well, must skadoodle methinks. Ros! (Another Ros) Give us a quote!

"If you become a waiter/waitress here's your first tip: don't eat yellow snow."

Ros rocks. Woooo!

Byeeeeeeeeeeee David Tennant eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Secret Smile eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!